New Update to TheWorxHub

April 7, 2013

Late last night we rolled out an update to TheWorxHub, adding several new features and a few bug fixes and improvements.

Billing Recalc

Now you can quickly recalculate a billable work order any time background data changes that might affect the bill amount -- such as additional labor time logged or inventory consumed.

You can recalc the bill amount by clicking the Recalc button inside the Work Order Billing info panel, or better yet, by using a mouse-over or batch action from the Billings to Send dashboard indicator.

Recalc -dashboard 


Billing Carry-Over from Scheduled Work Orders

You can now setup and customize your Billing Info in a scheduled work order, and when that schedule generates it retains all of the billing data. Your Bill Date as well as any Work Log dates will update to the current date each time the schedule generates.

Fixed Assets Available to All Locations

In this new feature, you can specify that a fixed asset is Available to All Locations, which allows for it to be linked to any work order in any location. Previously this was not possible as the assets available to link to a work order needed to be in the same location of the work order. This is perfect for mobile assets which move from place to place like beds or lifts.

Available -in -all -locations

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Added feature to Print a Work Order Invoice directly from the Billing Info panel in a work order. 
  • In scheduled work order searches, ended schedules are now excluded unless you click the Include ended Schedules checkbox filter.
  • Using the timer function on Mobile to track time will now log the start and end times inside the Work Log section of the Labor Panel in a work order.
  • On Mobile Inventory Panel, we're now correctly tracking a separate consumed quantity and assigned quantity.
  • On Mobile, while offline, logged time will now appear on the Completion Panel when you complete the work order.
  • Fixed an issue in Mobile, while offline, where dashboard work order counts would not decrease after completing work orders in the Just My Work section.
  • Fixed issue in Surveys when using weekly expiries the resulting surveys would expire sooner than expected.
  • Added a 'friendlier' error page when you type your url. don't need the 'www'.
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