New Improvements to TheWorxHub

August 16, 2015

This update has some new features, updates to our Room Bookings App, and a number of bug fixes.

Export Pick Lists to CSV

We've had numerous requests for the ability to export pick list entries from Settings > Pick Lists. This often comes in handy when trying to review your pick lists when doing a clean up or when you're just getting started in a section of TheWorxHub. Just click the Export link above the pick list to download the CSV file. Note that a csv is commonly opened by Excel.

08162015-sort -added -to -picklist

Room Bookings Added to Global Search

For those with our add-on Room Bookings app, now you can use the Global Search bar at the top of TheWorxHub to look up historical room bookings by number or name.

08162015-rb -added -to -global -search 

Bonus: Now when using the dropdown search selection in the global search, your search will automatically go as soon as you select an option -- if you've entered your search criteria already. You no longer have to click again on the search button after your selection.

Drag Room Booking Events in 15 min Increments

When in your Room Booking dashboard calendar, you can now drag events in 15 minute increments instead of the previous 30 minutes. Double the precision when rearranging your events!

08162015-drag -in -15m -increments


Status Indicators on Room Setup/Tear Down Tasks

In both the main app and the mobile app, you can now see the status of setup/tear down tasks from inside the room booking form.

In the main app, when you're on the Setup/Tear Down tab, you'll see colored status indicators on the right hand side of each task.

08162015-status -on -rb -mainapp

 Similarly, in the Mobile app you'll see colored dots to the left of each task indicating the status. 

08162015-status -on -rb -mobileapp 

Fixes & Improvements

  • Usability improvements to Rooms filter on room booking calendar
  • Fixed issue in report favorites where the work order status filter wasn't being remembered.
  • Updated mobile app offline mode to allow the assignment of suppliers to work orders.
  • Fixed issue in Transportation app where the billing export wouldn't show custom billing items for ad-hoc passengers.
  • Fixed issue with Firefox on Android where attachments could not be uploaded.
  • Enhancements to fixed asset change logs.
  • Fixed errors occuring when sorting some pick lists.
  • Fixed issue in Room Bookings dashboard where the show none link would reload the page.
  • Fixed issue in Cost/Time Analysis report where the source of work filter was not working.
  • Fixed issue in WorxIQ where pick lists inside work order templates were empty.
  • Fixed issue in WorxIQ QA Question Analysis widget where only the first question would show on the chart.
  • After deactivating a staff member or contractor the page will now reload to show their deactivated status. 
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