New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

August 17, 2014

We've got a few new features as well as a number of fixes that just went online!

Trips Color-Coded on Transportation Calendar

When you open your transportation calendar, trips will now appear color-coded by status. Trips that are requests, accepted and booked each appear in their own color making it easy to identify trip requests that have yet to be accepted, or to find trips needing driver and vehicle assignments. Note: if you do not see these changes, please clear your browser cache to ensure the interface change takes effect.



Custom Trip Billings Default to Quantity of 1

When adding custom billables to a trip, such as event tickets or fees for caregivers, TheWorxHub now automatically bills for a quantity of 1. For more on custom billings see our Custom Billables help topic.




Trip Status Added to Trip Billings Dashboard

Now it's easier to see what trips were cancelled, still open or have been completed when looking at your transportation Trip Billings dashboard indicator. The trip status appears on each billable item, and you can also use a Trip Status drill-down filter to break down large lists by status.


Assets Available to All Locations

When linking fixed assets to a work order, the available assets displayed include those that are in the location (or sublocation) of the current work order. Now you can click the Include Available To All Locations checkbox to show other assets that have been flagged to be available to all locations -- such as lifts, beds or other assets that change locations frequently.



Fixes & Improvements

  • Allow password to match username for companies without enhanced password policies turned on.
  • Pop-up password validation UI change to ensure the hint does not pop over-top of the Username field.
  • Fixed issue with all template information not flowing through to work order when a request based on a template is accepted on Mobile Worx.
  • Hide departments on search and report filters for users who don't have access to those departments.
  • Fixed problem with uploading attachments when the file extension was in all caps.
  • Fixed issue in transportation where using the batch complete action on the dashboard would update the trips to be billable.
  • Fixed issue in transportation where the Sent to Accounting actions on the Trip Billings dashboard would not update billable records for trips billed to ad hoc passengers.
  • Fixed issue with correct recurrence pattern not being selected in the UI when opening the recurrence pattern window when editing an existing recurrence on scheduled work orders.
  • Excluded cancelled and rejected work orders from Billings to Send dashboard indicator.
  • Fixed issue in barcoding where scanning from the dashboard would include open work orders that were actually templates.
  • Added feature to Mobile Worx when viewing historical work orders -- you can now access and view attachments on those work orders.
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