New Update to TheWorxHub!

August 26, 2012

Early Sunday morning we rolled out an update to TheWorxHub which includes several new enhancements around 'Notify Others' and email notifications. Here's what's new.

On-Demand Subcription to Any Work Order

Now you can easily subscribe to email updates on any work order when you're logged in to TheWorxHub. When viewing an existing work order, or when adding a new work order, simply click the Subscribe to email updates link in the top right. This immediately adds your email to the distribution list for updates on that work order.


To subscribe other people to email updates on any work order, expand the Email Notifications panel in the work order form and select their name from the drop down and click the Save button in that panel. 

To unsubscribe yourself, click the Unsubscribe from email updates link in the top right.

Get Email Notification when Assigned to Work

Now staff can get email notifications anytime they are assigned to work. To opt-in to these email notifications, open up the Staff profile, check 'Email me when I get assigned to work', then click save.




Now, each time you are assigned to work, you will receive an email with details about the work assignment. As well, you are automatically subscribed to future email updates about changes to the status of assigned work orders. 

Scheduled Work Order Grace Period Override 

A few weeks ago we rolled out a scheduled work order grace period option which allows your due date to be set to a future date when the work order generates. Now you can override this setting on a individual scheduled work order.

Simply open up your recurrence pattern and click the checkbox next to 'Change default Days Until Due.' The field to the right becomes active and you can now change the number of days. Click save to update the recurrence pattern.



Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Added ability to easily subscribe to email updates when viewing an existing work request where the status is 'Request.'
  • Added resident names to notify others drop down option so you can notify a resident on the fly of new requests you're adding in for them.
  • When expanding Notify Others panel in work requests, or the Email Notifications panel in the work order, you now see three open slots to specify email notifications rather than just one.
  • Notify Others and Email Notifications panels includes 'remove' link to remove email notifications.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate residents appearing in search after adding a new resident.
  • Added Status filter back into Purchase Order search tab.
  • Fixed issue with Projects tab appearing in search for some users not authorized to access project search.
  • Fixed issue with some buttons overlapping other content when viewing a form through a search portal pop-up.
  • Updated Household name logic to include 'Salution' (Mr. Mrs. Ms. etc) when a new resident is added in.
  • Moved login page 'forgot your password' link to avoid potential clicks by mistake.
  • Updated drill-down filters in Upcoming Sched WOs dashboard section to remove 'Due Date' and replace with 'Generate Date'
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