New Improvements to TheWorxHub

August 28, 2016

This update addresses a significant bug in the .Net Framework on top of which TheWorxHub runs. This bug was causing frequent but intermittent slow-downs in TheWorxHub involving session states. 

This also includes several great new features and a number of bug fixes.

Downtime will begin at Midnight EST, August 28th for 1-2 hours so plan accordingly.

Email Notifications on Scheduled/PM Work Orders and Triggered Templates

This new feature allows you to setup email notification on both recurring scheduled work orders as well as template work orders. 


Here's some examples of where this helps:

  • staff/contractors assigned to recurring scheduled work orders now can get an email when the scheduled work order generates. Note: their staff profile must have the 'email me when I get assigned to work' setting selected.
  • users specified on the Email Notification panel of a recurring scheduled work order now get an email when the work order generates.

Similarly, with work order templates, staff assignment emails and general notification emails can be sent out when a template is used via:

  • when adding a new request/work order using the Pick Template option.
  • triggering a corrective work order template from a failed inspection pass/fail question.
  • triggering a corrective work order template from a meter reading that is outside of acceptable range

Tip: recurring scheduled work orders like PM will generate overnight so there is potential for midnight  to 3am emails to be sent out. If you're one of those people who's phone is on vibrate on their bedside table, you might want to investigate some of the do not disturb settings on your device.


Requestors Can Now Link Assets to Requests

We've added a new security permission that allows your requestors to link assets to their requests. This is great in circumstances where your requestors are well trained in the specifics of equipment and can properly identify a specific asset needing repair.

Under Settings > Users, look for a new permission under Work Orders > Requestors Can Link Assets.



Once your requestors have this permission they'll see a new Link Asset section in their request form.


Tip:  the asset link will only show assets in the selected location (or a sublocation) specified in the request form. To see all assets, leave the location field blank before expanding the asset section, select your asset then return to fill in the location field.

Subscribe to Emailed Reports on a Schedule

Now you can get your favorite reports emailed direct to your inbox on daily, weekly or monthly schedules. On your reports Favorites tab, look for the Manage Subscription link to setup your subscriptions. Once you've set your schedule, you'll automatically be subscribed, but you can also choose other subscribers to receive your report.


Staff Can Manage their Own Profile and Email Subscription Settings

Now when you login to TheWorxHub, you can access your basic staff profile by clicking your underlined username in the top right.


Use this page to manage your name spelling, phone numbers, email address, profile photo and most importantly your email subscription settings.



Multiple Billing Companies Now Supported

For those who are managing resident billables and exporting data to AOD, HealthMedX/Vision or PointClickCare, it's often the circumstance that within your organization there can be multiple billing companies being reconciled. We've often seen various skill levels being treated as separate billing companies within products like AOD. We can now handle this.

Now, each unit within your organization can be tagged with a 'company number'. Under Settings > Location you can find a unit and tag it with your billing company number. For ease of setup, you can select an entire top level node, like your top level Independent Living, assign it a company number then check the Apply to Children checkbox to assign this company number to all units within that building.


 You can also perform this same option by opening the Unit Form via Search > Location/Residents.


When managing your billings from your Billings to Send dashboard, you can use a Company Number drill-down filter to easily limit your exports to a single billable company.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Added a new feature under Search > Inventory to filter on discontinued items.
  • Enhanced change logging to purchase order, staff, assets on mobile, asset risk assessments and trips.
  • Added sort option to Settings > Pick List > Bin/Shelf.
  • For those running multiple departments, we can now set a default department on all new assets being added.
  • Indicators for required fields added to Request and Inventory form (other forms coming soon).
  • Room booking dashboard views updated to show dates in red if the event status is 'On-Hold'.
  • When editing templates in Settings > Templates, they now open up in a pop-up rather than in a new tab, dramatically simplifying navigation.
  • If you have residents who login to TheWorxHub, they can now manage their name, email address and phone numbers and profile photos when clicking their underlined username in the top right.
  • PM Analysis report added to WorxIQ.
  • Fixed issue where clicking a work request from search or dashboards to preview would result in a blank form.
  • Fixed issue where some work order log panel notes were visible to requestors when they shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed issue in room booking where recurring room bookings would suddenly appear to end when they have no end date.
  • Fixed issue when marking locations as inactive when they still have recurring work linked to them.
  • On transportation calendar an issue was resolved where inactive staff drivers would show twice.
  • Fixed issue with work order billing export showing the description of work twice in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with location type filter not working in search > locations.
  • Fixed issue in scheduled work order asset panel where after you link assets, they no longer appear linked.
  • Fixed issue with Trip Listing report when leaving the Trip Date range filter blank would not return future dated trips.
  • Correctly hiding deactivated suppliers from Inventory Supplier dropdown.
  • Fixed issue where you'd sometimes get an incorrect warning 'Not possible to add readings to a retired asset' when attempting to log meter readings against an in-service asset.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes Search > Assets without using any filters wouldn't return results.
  • Fixed issue where survey question comments weren't being saved when you had yet to answer the survey question.
  • Optimized the Passenger filter on the Search > Trips page.
  • Part # is now mandatory when creating a new inventory item in the mobile app.
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