August 3rd - New Release Online

August 3, 2017

We've rolled out an update at 12:00AM EST on August 3rd with some new features and fixes.

Transportation App - Driver Non-Working Hours on Calendar

If you're using our add-on Transportation app, you can now specify driver working days and work hours so that non-working hours can be reflected on trip calendars.


For full details on configuring staff work hours and viewing calendars, see our help topic: Blocking Non-Working Hours.

Work Order, Request, Scheduled Work Order Description Increased to 100 Characters

Previously your work order description was limited to 50 characters which sometimes could be limiting. We've doubled the length to allow up to 100 characters. If you need to provide even more details, remember to use the details field where you're unlimited -- remember, more detail helps technicians plan and complete work more effectively!08032017-100-char -desc


Fixes & Improvements

  • Inbound requests from Caremerge integration can now be rerouted to different departments.
  • Fixed error in Settings > Location for clients with over 5000 locations.
  • Enhanced work order > fixed asset panel search to allow asset search to find matches in the subcategory name.
  • Email notifications no longer include the department name in the footer in order to eliminate confusion.
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