Some Additions and Fixes to TheWorxHub

December 1, 2013

We just rolled out an update to TheWorxHub which contains a few updates and bug fixes. Here's what was added: 

Use Work Order Templates on Mobile

You've always been able to add a work order from a template in the main app, and now you can do it in the Mobile app. When you tap Add New Work Order, you now see an option for Pick Template. Just tap that panel to select a template to quickly create a common work order.


Find Residents Without Photos

Adding photos of your residents can be a great help for staff using TheWorxHub to get familiar with your residents. Sometimes it's hard to remember which residents have photos and which do not. Now, when using the Locations/Residents search tab, you can apply a filter of No Photos Only to find all resident households missing a photo.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue on dashboard where after clicking on an item, such as to view a work order or reject a request, it would show that same item on subsequent clicks on different records.
  • Optimized the Asset filter on Reports > Assets. Loading of the asset picker used to be very sluggish, but not anymore!
  • Fixed issue in Internet Explorer when on your dashboard and using the mouse-over Enter Labor Time or Complete action, the bottom of the pop-up form would not be visible when many workers were assigned to the work order.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect page refresh after using the 'x' to close the Completion Wizard on a project work order.
  • Fixed issue when using the Completion Wizard from a dashboard page other than page 1, the app would send you back to page 1 after completing the work order. Now you will remain on whichever page you were on initially.
  • Fixed two bugs on incorrectly labelled inventory adjustments, in some cases causing an error.
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