December 14 - New Release Online

December 14, 2017

We've just rolled out an update with some great new features as well as a number of fixes.

Enhanced Email Notifications on Transportation App

If you're using our add-on Transportation App, there used to only be email notifications for the person creating the trip, and drivers. We've significantly enhanced this in the following ways:

  • Resident passengers added to trips are automatically added to get email notifications if they have an email in their profile. You'll see their names appear in the email notification section once the trip is saved.
  • You can add other staff members to the notification list on the fly.
  • Every email comes with an ICS file attached. This means you can add the trip to your calendar app to get reminders when it's upcoming.

Look for the new E-mail Update section on the right hand side of the trip form.


All trip emails will have an ICS file attached that you can open to add to your Exchange, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar app.



Compliance & Risk Features Added to Worx IQ

For users of our Worx IQ analytics app, two new work order options have been added to your work order widgets.

You can now compare and filter on Compliance work orders to get insights on just things related to compliance.


You can now compare and filter on work orders tagged as High Risk that are linked to high risk assets..


Security App Add Note from Desktop App

In our add-on Security App, you can now add a security note from the desktop app through your Add menu.


Security App Quicker Resolve Action in Incidents

Lets say you have an incident where the last and final outcome is that you've called EMS. Now you can specify that Outcome Type and use the option 'Is This Incident Resolved or Cancelled' to help you immediately mark the incident complete all in one action.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed error that could occur on Asset Replacement Report if you used the clear filters button.
  • Fixed issue in some instances of WorxIQ where pick lists on work order templates would not appear.
  • Fixed issue in Staff > Working Hours panel where the AM/PM option wasn't always saving.
  • Fixed issue where some Staff, Asset and Resident profile photos wouldn't appear directly after uploading.
  • Updated mobile app to ensure department access is obeyed in the Find Anything section so you can only search for and find assets for departments you have access to.
  • Fixed issue with mobile work orders where multiple workers on a single work order could all run timers, but the last person to click Complete would get a stuck timer and the work order wouldn't get marked complete.
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