New Improvements to TheWorxHub

December 20, 2015

This update has a brand new Staff Assignment tool, and a number of improvements and bug fixes.

New Staff Assignment Tool!

Staff -assignment

Click your Pulse tab to find our brand new Staff Assignment tool. Perfect for stand-up meetings, expand the staff assignments for a list of all of your staff work assignments for the current department. For each staff member, TheWorxHub displays a breakdown of all open work orders for corrective and PM. Further segments of due today and overdue let you zero-in on the most urgent items

Tip: The Pulse tab requires a special security permission for access. Under Settings > Users > Roles, ensure your role has Dashboard > Pulse permission.


Click on any number to display the list of those work orders for that staff member. From here you can print, mark complete or even reassign.


Tip: For more information on the Pulse Tab and all of it's options see our Pulse Tab help topic.

Recurring Room Booking Conflict Checker

Now when you create a recurring room booking event, TheWorxHub automatically checks to see if any upcoming instances of your recurring event are in conflict with existing events. Use the available links to resolve potential conflicts.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue in Project Summary report where the days overdue statistic would continue to increment even after a project was completed.
  • Fixed issue with error occuring when adding user into TheWorxHub when a username already exists in WorxIQ.
  • Updated Settings > Templates area to resolve time-out errors for some customers.
  • Ensured retired asset meters can't be selected in the main app of mobile.
  • Improved checks around deletion of locations that are linked to room booking events.
  • Fixed issue where Complete mouse-over action on Just My Work dashboard section was not checking for required meter readings.
  • Fixed Who Responded filter in Search > Surveys.
  • Fixed issue with report subscriptions sending duplicate reports in some circumstances.
  • Added more info from inventory adjustment reason when printing the Inventory Usage & Purchase History report when outputting to excel format.
  • Ensure trips with new destinations save even when mapquest mapping service is unreachable.
  • Ensure emails arriving from Touchtown resident apps correctly parse information even when there are hard returns in the notes.
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