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December 23, 2011

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Your team at Windmill Software wishes you and your families all the best over this holiday season. Thanks for a great 2011 and we're looking forward to a fantastic 2012!

New Update to TheWorxHub - Dec 23, 2011 New Project Reports

Two new Project Reports are available under Reports > Projects.

  • Project Summary: this is a printable version of the project summary pop-up that you've seen on your projects dashboard. Enter the Project # or date ranges to filter on and get a nicely formatted printable summary of the project.
  • Project Analysis: this versatile report is ideal for reviewing all of the projects from a particular timeframe, or which took place in a particular location. This report provides a more condensed review of each project with an option to display work order detail which was part of the project, as well an option to activate detailed summary statistics across all projects reported.

Click image below for a larger view

Summary Statistics screen

New Project Feature

A new feature is included in projects which allows you to assign labor, inventory, safety notes, QA Surveys and attachments to a new work order before saving it as part of the project. This is especially valuable in 'same job in multiple location' type projects, where you want to assign the same inventory item or safety note to all work orders without having to open up each work order.

Here's how:

  • On your projects dashboard, click +Add New Project, select either 'The Same Job in Multiple Locations' or 'The Same Job on Multiple Assets' project types.
  • Complete the rest of the Add New Project form.
  • Now, click Add Work Order to create the job to apply across all locations or all assets.
  • Enter the basic details on the General Info panel, but, before clicking the Save & Close button, open up your labor, inventory, safety notes or attachment panels to enter extra details.
  • Once you've completed all of your details, return to the General Info panel and click Save & Close. Now all the details are applied to the work order for all locations specified in the project.

Other Fixes & Minor Updates

  • Project templates including work orders with labor, inventory, safety note or QA detail will now successfully transfer those details to new projects created from the template.
  • Added visible to requestor option on mobile 'rejection reason' so managers can determine which notes get pushed back to the original requestor.
  • Fixed issues with 'on printed materials' field in resident profile not automatically inserting a space between the first name and last name.
  • Fixed issue with auto-generating surveys creating excess surveys on the day of the week they were scheduled to generate.
  • Fixed issue with 'Pause until previous instance is complete' setting in scheduled work orders, where the schedule would not restart after previous instance was marked complete. Note: this could result in a backlog of 'stuck' scheduled work orders being generated all at once. Use batch complete, or batch update status > cancelled to clear these excess records.
  • Fixed issue on MobileWorx where excluding questions in a QA Survey would prevent the 'complete survey' button from activating.
  • Fixed issue where the 'visible to requestor' checkbox in the work order form was not being retained.
  • Fixed issue in projects where 'Multiple Location' and 'Multiple Asset' type projects were not accepting changes after you initially picked your list of locations/assets.
  • Fixed issue with Purchase Date filters not working correctly on Fixed Asset listing report .

Coming Soon

  • Search portal to find, export and re-open projects.
  • Ability to have projects automatically created on a time-based recurrence.
  • Improvements to resident moves and correctly reporting on historical residents.
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