Update to TheWorxHub!

December 23, 2012

Late last night we deployed an update to resolve a few issues and to add some performance enhancements. More performance enhancements are to come as well.

Mobile Notice

Our monitoring tools are showing a number of errors coming from iOS Mobile devices running TheWorxHub. We think the issue is related to a certain version of Apple iPod.

If anyone there is experiencing an issue logging into the mobile application, you can resolve it by clearing your cache. We have an article on our website covering the steps to do that.

Click here to see the instructions for clearing your cache.

Other Fixes   

  • Assign someone 'Jobs' count added back in.
  • Resolved very slow manual generation of daily scheduled work orders via the 'Generate Now' action.
  • Minor performance boost to initial dashboard load.
  • Enhancements around work order start times, end times and estimated times.
  • Automatically cancelling surveys attached to work order when the associated work order is cancelled.
  • Resolved issue with multiple worker completion when two or more people assigned to the same job complete the work order on Mobile while offline.


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