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December 9, 2011

What's New with TheWorxHub

Take a read through what's new, including:

Our All New Help Resources Website

TheWorxHub website

The help site is the central library of resources and learning materials for TheWorxHub. Through it you can access a wealth of materials designed by senior living experts who really understand both the software and the business. Whether you're learning from the beginning, converting from PM Worx, or looking for materials to support staff training, you'll find everything you need right here, including:

How It Worx

In this section you'll find all the most important quick reference topics, software tips, best practices and the ever popular watch, listen and learn videos.

  • Use the navigation on the left to browse through sections. Click a section for an overview of the section and it's contents. If you know exactly what you're looking for, you can click the topic directly from the How It Worx landing page
  • All topics are easily printable through your browser (File > Print or Right-Click > Print)
  • All topics and videos will format automatically for your Ipod Touch, Ipad, or Android devices so you can use our Help Site anywhere anytime
  • Something not covered? Feel free to Contact Us with a topic suggestion

Our Community (coming soon)

We have thousands of users from all over the USA, Canada, UK and Australia, all with plenty of experience in senior living to get everyone involved and engaged. Use Our Community to:

  • Ask questions for TheWorxHub support team, or your fellow user and get answers.
  • Search and browse for topics previously posted to help get you on the right track
  • Share what you know -- provide tips and answers to the user community


Blogs, as many of you know, provide a means for us to share ideas, news, tips, best practices - virtually anything we think might be of interest to you. Through the blog, you'll get a great cross-section of ideas from different authors on TheWorxHub team, from software tips to business insight and senior living trends. You can browse blog posts by date, by tag or topic, or by author.

If you're new to blogs, check out Mark's article about how to stay on top new blog posts from TheWorxHub from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Reader or on your mobile device.

UC Resources

Here you'll find highlights of the most recent user conference in Buffalo, including presentation downloads, topic outlines, FAQs, and a great picture gallery of all the conference action!

Release Notes

Each time we do an update to TheWorxHub, you'll get an email detailing the enhancment in the software. If you miss the email, you can always find the release notes on our help site. You'll also see a new link appear on the right hand side of TheWorxHub login screen that takes you to these release notes once they're posted.

Contact Us

Have an idea for a help topic, a video, or a software feature? Use the form on the Contact Us page to ensure the right people get your message.

Project Work Orders are Live

Project Work Orders screen

 The ability to manage Projects in TheWorxHub is a fabulous new feature lets you group a number of work orders that logically belong together. We've built 3 types of projects:

  1. Multiple Jobs in a Single Location - ex: refurbishments/make ready projects, renovations
  2. Single Job in Multiple locations - ex: install new door locks for 1st floor units, paint corridors in A Wing
  3. Single Job for Multiple Assets - ex: change filters in cottage furnaces, upgrade browser in all computers

Most of what you've learned in managing work orders through TheWorxHub applies directly to learning how to use Projects. Take a look through our Project help topics to get started.

We'd especially like to thank our 5 beta testers who have been putting the Projects function through its paces for the last month.

  • Ron Carlson, Jones-Harrison , MN
  • Ryan Ferguson, Glenaire, NC
  • Mark DeRaud, Canterbury on the Lake, MI
  • Dave Shipley, Rockwood Terrace, ON
  • Joe Zannini, Carolina Meadows, NC

Their valuable field-testing and suggestions have contributed a great deal to Projects in TheWorxHub. We are still working on a few additional features like reporting and recurrence capability for template which we expect to deliver within the couple of weeks.

Before you can take advantage of any of the project features, you need to first update your security role to allow access to the Projects Dashboard tab. You can update your current role in Settings > Users, or create a new role to grant Projects access and assign yourself and others.

Click the image below to see a larger picture.

Roles & Permissions screen

New Updates to TheWorxHub

This update also includes a number of new updates and fixes to TheWorxHub.

Enhanced Multi-Select Location Picker

In order to support some of the advanced requirements of projects, we've enhanced our location picker when you're using it to select multiple locations. In the past if you wanted to select a number of locations, like 'select all locations on the 2nd Floor', you could click the checkbox next to the second floor and all locations beneath the 2nd Floor were selected. Unfortunately, so was the item called '2nd Floor' and there was no way to unselect it.

Now, when you mouse-over the 2nd Floor, you'll see a Select All and Unselect All action appear to the right. Simply click Select All to select all locations in the 2nd Floor, then uncheck the item called 2nd Floor if you wish to remove it.

Multi-Select Location Picker

Long Location Name Improvements on Mobile

For some of you with really long location names, we've made some improvements in Mobile Worx to allow those names to wrap onto a second line.

Long Location Name screen on Mobile

Search Portal Pop-Ups

The ability to click a link to open search results in a pop-up window has been extended to the rest of TheWorxHub including Work Orders and Assets.

Scheduled Work Order Permission to Enter Details

We've applied an important update that ensures that scheduled work orders will pick up the most recent permission to enter details when a scheduled work order generates.

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed issue with assigned labor name not appearing immediately when assigned through dashboard actions
  • Added 'recurring' image in calendar beside scheduled work orders to make it easier to tell them apart from normal work orders
  • Removed 'completion in progress' status
  • Fixed an error in some instances of the work order billing report
  • Added department name column to the list of templates found in Settings > Templates
  • Corrected issue with retired assets showing on Work Order Assets panel
  • Corrected issue where in some cases an asset would not show the correct status
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