New Update to TheWorxHub!

February 1, 2012

Last night we pushed out a new update to TheWorxHub including some performance improvements and several fixes.

New Easier Access to Our Help Site

Now you can access our Help Site right from within TheWorxHub. Look for the Help link in the top right of TheWorxHub. This opens a new tab in your browser and takes you right into the Help Site where you'll find instructional topics, blogs and our Watch, Listen & Learn videos.

Help Site button

See More Notes on Mobile

On the Work Order Status page in Mobile Worx you used to only see the last note inserted on a work order. Now you can see the last five notes to help you understand what's really gone on with that work order.

Work Order Notes

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance of Dashboard Tab
  • Greatly increased speed of loading Contractor > Contract & Rates panel
  • Speed increases added to Work Order reports 
  • Speed increases added to Survey reports

Other Fixes & Minor Updates

  • Fixed calendar issue in Internet Explorer where staff work orders would not immediately appear when a staff member was selected
  • Fixed issue in Internet Explorer where it would prevent the upload of resident photos as well as an issue with changing photos in locations occupied by two residents
  • Update to Project Work Order to allow changes to project header record after the project has been created
  • Fixed some totalling problems with Project Summary & Project Analysis reports
  • Fixed issue with new projects defaulting to yesterday as a start date
  • Adjusted size of Inventory Listing & Inventory Usage report to fit correctly on a page
  • Added the display of Trades in Staff/Contractor search portal
  • Updated Survey search portal to display cancelled surveys
  • Fixed incorrect display of work order costs in Work Order search portal
  • Correctly hiding Primary Contact from Staff/Contractor search after the contact has been removed
  • Fixed issue in search when using the Location picker (multi-select) not returning records matching all selected nodes
  • Updated work order form to default to Task List view when a task list is in place
  • Updated Work Order Labor Panel to display assigned workers in assigned date order
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