New Improvements to TheWorxHub

February 18, 2016

This update some new filters on the transportation calendar, as well as a few improvements and bug fixes.

Filter on Drivers & Vehicles in Transportation Calendar

Now when you load your transportation calendar, you can filter on drivers or vehicles. Just click the filters button and check the drivers or vehicles you want to see.

  • Scroll down to see the vehicles filter.
  • Once you apply driver filters, it clears vehicle filters and vice versa. Only one filter type can be applied at once.
  • Applying no filters for any drivers is the same as filtering on all drivers.
  • TheWorxHub remembers the last filter you used and stores that for the next time you open the calendar.




Tip: Want to filter on just one driver or vehicle? Click the 'clear' link to uncheck all, then click the item you wish to filter on.

Calendar Week Start is Now Sunday

When looking at your maintenance, housekeeping, transportation or room bookings calendar, the week start is now Sunday instead of Monday. If you're thinking 'How could they possibly change the start of my week?' -- don't worry! You can adjust this under Settings > Misc > More > Full Week Starts On.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Added current on-hand quantity to first column of Inventory Usage History report.
  • Fixed issue with some scheduled work orders showing up in Settings > Templates.
  • Prevented errors when creating POs when an inventory item was imported without a Category or Subcategory.
  • Fixed issue on printable Work Order where assigned inventory items weren't showing on the print out.
  • Fixed problem in WorxIQ where you couldn't delete a user.
  • Fixed issue with editing corporate contractors in WorxIQ.
  • Fixed summary statistics problem in Project Analysis report.
  • Fixed issues with saving checkboxes inside the templates table in Settings > Templates.
  • Fixed issue in Cost/Time Analysis report pie chart where some chart labels would get cut off if they were too long.
  • Fixed issue with inventory tax rates with decimals that were rounding instead of accepting the tax rate with decimals.
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