New Update to TheWorxHub!

February 19, 2012

A new update went online in the early hours of the morning. Here's what's new:

Printed Icon & Printed Filter on Dashboard

Now when you print out a work order from your dashboard or from inside the work order form, a new icon appears on the dashboard to indicate the work order has been printed. This lets you quickly identify which work orders still need to be printed out.

Printed Icon & Printed Filter on Dashboard

Use the new Printed filter to limit your dashboard list to only display work orders that have not been printed.

Printed Filter

In situations when you want to print out every work order that has yet to be printed, try these steps:

  1. Click the Printed Filter, select Not Printed
  2. Click 'Select All' at the top of your work order list
  3. Click 'Print' at the top of your work order list

Performance Update

We're rolled out the first phase of a performance update which should result in a 15%-30% increase in speed when searching work orders, opening a work order or a work request.

Other Fixes & Minor Updates

  • Resolved issue in Settings > Pick Lists > Asset Subcategory or Work Order Subcategory where adding new items would periodically warn that no department was selected 
  • Resolved issue where in some cases the Jobs column in the work order labor panel or assign someone pop-up would show the incorrect job count
  • Fixed labor time display issue on reports where totals of greater than 24hrs would display incorrectly
  • Fixed issue with Labor Assigned and Inventory Assigned hints showing incorrectly on Work Order Completion panel
  • Corrected due date issue on Dashboard >  Projects tab where items indicated as Due Today would sometimes appear as overdue
  • Fixed issue with adding a work order note to a status change inside a pop-up window opened from the search portal
  • In Settings > Users, prevented the 'Select All' checkbox from selecting the Resident Restrictions permission
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