New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

February 2, 2014

We just rolled out an update to TheWorxHub which contains some great new features, improvements and bug fixes. Here's what was added: 

Inventory Reports, Now Faster and Better

We've completely overhauled our Inventory reports to boost performance and add some great new features. 

  • HUGE improvement to report load times
  • Added relative date range filters to Usage & Purchase History and Inventory Usage by Location report. Now apply your favorite relative date range, like Usage Last Month and save your report as a favorite!
  • Added an option to print your filters on the report so you never forget how you created the report
  • Added an option to show discontinued inventory items on reports
  • Added new sorting options to Inventory Listing report
  • New designs identify items needing reorder


Labor Assignments Now Logged on the Log Panel

This new feature ensures that any time a staff or contractor is assigned to a work order, or unassigned, a record of that action gets logged to the log panel. Quickly uncover who assigned or unassigned workers and when.


Transportation Updates

A few new things were rolled out for the Transportation app with more coming very soon. Here's what was added.

Address Validation

Now anytime you type in a destination address, TheWorxHub immediately checks to ensure it knows and understands that address. Once you tab or click away from a destination field, you'll see a red X icon if the address isn't found. 


Click the X icon to pop-up the Find an Address window where you can correct any mistakes and retest to ensure it's correct.


Alternatively, in the Find an Address window you can initiate a Point-of-Interest (POI) search. Type in the name of the place, like 'Outback Steakhouse' then provide a Point of Origin, such as your city and state. Click search to find results then click on the result that matches what you're looking for.


Improved Trip Merging

Use your mouse-over Merge action on any trip, pick the trip that you want to into, then click Save. TheWorxHub now combines both trips, all destinations and passengers then pops-up the resulting trip for you to review.


Print a Trip Sign Up Form

For trips where you publish a sign up form for residents, you can now print that form directly from TheWorxHub. The form includes the trip name, trip date, departure time, departure location as well as lines for sign up. The printed form will open in Word so you can add or edit anything you want before printing!


Coming Soon to Transportation

  • recurring trips
  • speed boost
  • ad hoc residents
  • improved options and feature for schedules

Fixes & Improvements

  • Added ability to assign contractors to trips and filter on them in search
  • Improved interface in Leave Community move out action to make it clearer who's moving when two residents reside together
  • Increased the number of questions allowed on Surveys to 70
  • Add Project option added to Add New menu
  • Page break option added to Labor Productivity report in TheWorxHub and Worx IQ
  • Added feature to display buzzer/entry code data in Mobile Worx in the Location & Resident Info page
  • Added ability to delete Favorite Destinations even when they were used on trips
  • Fixed problem with Trip Date range filter in Search > Trips
  • Fixed issue with multiple favorite destinations with same address affecting billing
  • Fixed issue where cancelled projects were showing up in search and on reports
  • Fixed missing people on calendar staff selector
  • Fixed error with saving a report favorite after using the clear filters option
  • Fixed issue on mobile where changing your answer on a Yes/No QA Survey would result in an error
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