February 2nd - New Release Online

Feb 2, 2017

We've rolled out an update at 12:00AM EST on February 2nd with some important new changes.

Notice to Desktop users: if you don't see the new blue color scheme, try holding down your CTRL key and pressing your F5 key.

Notice to mobile app users: If you don't see the new blue color scheme or if you're having problems, try clearing your cache and reloading your page.

Brand New Color Scheme

In this new update you'll see TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions desktop and mobile app change in color from orange to blue. Don't worry, color is literally the only thing changing -- you'll still have the same great product layout and functionality that you've come to love. Everything else will all remain completely the same.


Offline Mobile Changes

We've enhanced our offline mobile capability to take advantage of offline storage mechanisms of modern mobile devices.

There are two main enhancements:

  1. Offline storage capacity has been increased. Previously when synching to go offline, we could only use a maximum of 5MB of space to store all of your offline data which could pose a problem for those of you with hundreds or thousands of open work orders and thousands of locations and assets. Now we're able to reliably store more offline data without running into capacity errors as before.
    Note: The larger offline capacity does mean that you might see slightly longer initial sync times however, you've got a huge new benefit of incremental syncs, see below!
  2. Incremental syncs now supported. Here's what this means. After you've initially taken your offline snapshot, subsequent offline syncs will prompt to see if you want to only sync changes since your last sync. This can dramatically speed up the offline sync process and cut your sync time down to only a few seconds. It's recommended that you sync a full clean database once per week.
    Note: The incremental sync option is only available in iOS9+ and Android 4.4+. EDIT: We still fall back to the original offline storage method on older versions of iOS. We actively support back to iOS7 and have confirmed that things still work back to iOS 5.1.1.


Fixed Header On Mobile

We've made a UI improvement to our mobile app to ensure you can easily access the most important buttons in your mobile app -- the Save button, Done button and the Back button. Now when you're scrolling down long lists or pages, you'll always see your header at the top with your save button or back button -- no more scrolling all the way back up just to get to your back button!


Delete Attachments on Mobile

You can now remove attachments on your mobile device which is especially handy if you mistakenly upload the wrong photo!


New Report - PM Monthly Forecast

The majority of your PM is asset based and much of it needs to be in-step with regulations regarding frequency of tasks. The PM Monthly Forecast gives a simple-to-read snapshot of your PM coverage and frequencies by asset. Easily scan across the year for a given asset to see what frequencies are covered in your PM plan and what month they land in -- and quickly pinpoint assets with no PM set up at all.


Reorder Work Orders Within a Project Template

Project templates are a great timesaver for common refurbs and renovations where you can predefine all of the work orders that comprise that project. One problem with project templates was that once you setup the work orders, the sequence that you originally created for your work orders was fixed, you were unable to change the sequence! Now you can easily drag and drop your project template work orders to reorganize!


Add Contractor Contacts to Email Notifications

Now in your work order email notifications panel, you'll be able to find contractor contacts to include in your email distributions. All contacts will be nested under their firm name as in the screenshot below.


Assigned Driver Name Becomes Link to Their Staff Profile

For those of you using our add-on Transportation app, when you're viewing a trip form, the assigned driver's name is now a link to their staff profile that provides a quick and easy way to update details about them such as photos, email, phone or notification preferences. 

Note: the driver link will obey the user role permissions laid out in Settings > Users > Staff/Contractors such that you can be permitted to view or to edit or have no permissions at all.


Pop-Up Work Order Form From Room Booking Setup/Teardown Tab

For those of you who own our add-on Room Bookings app, you can now access full work order details for setup/tear down tasks right from your room booking form.  If you have permissions to edit work orders, you can access the full work order form by clicking the work order description on the Room Booking Setup/Teardown Tab.


Preview Photo Attachments on an Alert

If you own our add-on QA/Inspection app, you can trigger alerts to non-maintenance departments to handle inspection deficiencies. During the process of creating an alert, it's easy to upload many photos and now it's even easier to preview these images on the desktop app. When viewing an alert page, you'll see the photo thumbnails -- just click the thumbnails to launch the images in a lightbox and use the right/left arrows to navigate between the photos.


Fixes & Improvements

  • WorxIQ asset replacement schedule report updated to allow for site level groupings to ensure it's easy for multi-site users to understand where replacement dollars are going.
  • Asset Work History report when work order detaill is printed now contains a PM indicator next to PM work orders to help differentiate between PM and corrective.
  • Added loading animation to room booking calendar when using click/drag to create a new appointment.
  • Company # grouping option added to Work Order Billing report.
  • Fixed error when saving inventory item changes when no bin/shelf is defined for storage location.
  • Updated Just My Work dashboard indicator to sort work orders by due date.
  • Fixed issue in SSO implementations when the same username is used across multiple TheWorxHub sites in the active directory.
  • Fixed issue in transportation app where the appointment time would jump ahead after assigning a driver.
  • Fixed issue in transportation app Trip Request section where sometimes the mouse-over dashboard actions wouldn't work.
  • Fixed issue where you could not save location info changes in some cases if the location only had a partial address entered.
  • Fixed issue with auto-generating surveys generating for inactive locations.
  • Fixed issue with survey comments not saving on mobile.
  • Fixed issue with saved search not working in work orders search area in some cases.
  • Deactivated suppliers no longer visible in Inventory Form > Suppliers Panel.
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