New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

February 23, 2014

We just rolled out an update to TheWorxHub which contains some great new features, improvements and bug fixes. Here's what was added: 

Work Order Billing Report: Faster and New Options

We've completely overhauled our Work Order Billing report to boost performance and add some great new features. 

  • HUGE improvement to report load times
  • Added relative date range filters for Billing Date. Now apply your favorite relative date range, like Billing Date Last Full Month and save your report as a favorite!
  • Added an option to print your filters on the report so you never forget how you created the report
  • Added new sorting and grouping options
  • New designs make graphs more readable

Two Extra Options to Enhance Your Billing Report

In the options section, you'll see something called Extra Option. You can activate one of these options to add all new data to the report output.


Show Billing Info

When the Show Billing Info option is activated, the report will display each of the billing line items for each billable work order. In some cases a work order might have many billable items on it, such as billable time and extra fees. This option will let you see a breakdown of each billable item, rather than just the rolled-up billing total for the work order.

Billing Detail

Show Actual Costs

With every work order, the system can calculate the real cost to your department by tracking labor, inventory and additional costs. The Show Actual Costs option will compare your actual costs to your billing cost to see if your billing fees are adequate to cover your costs.


Asset Search Now Searching Detail Field

Inside a fixed asset form, you can give an asset a description and provide extra detail -- typically specifications of some sort. Now when using Search > Assets, the Description filter will search the asset Description and Detail.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue with work order Task Lists not being carried over when using a Corporate Template.
  • Default report filters now correctly revert when the Clear Filters link is clicked.
  • Fixed issue where residents could get duplicated when assigning them a login name that was already used.
  • Fixed issue in Worx IQ pick lists which caused the asset subcategory to incorrectly prompt you to select a department.
  • Fixed issues in Worx IQ work order report filters for Include Routine Work and Include/Exclude Scheduled Work.
  • Corrected error with the pop-up location filter in Worx IQ reports.
  • Improved logic in Mobile Worx start time and end time calculations when users manually enter time rather than using the timer.
  • Fixed Transportation App dashboard to correctly count and display the number of destinations in a trip.
  • Fixed problem with calendar Filter tab, where filter settings would not get applied correctly.
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