New Update to TheWorxHub!

February 29, 2012

A new update went online late last night with a couple of feature updates and some fixes. Here's what's new:

Printing a Work Order Adds a Log Panel Update

After adding the new 'printed' icon on the dashboard, we received a number of requests to also post an update to the Log Panel in the work order form. Well, you got your wish! Now when you print a work order from your dashboard or front inside the work order form, a post is made to the log to indicate who printed the work order and when.

Printed -log


Easier to Use 'Printed' Filter

We've made an improvement to the positioning of the 'Printed' filter on the dashboard by adding more space between it and the drill down filters below. It's now much easier to find and work with.

Printed -filter

Other Fixes & Minor Updates

  • Fixed issue with Reports Tab showing incorrectly for some user roles.
  • Updated Printed Icon mouse-over hint to correctly adjust for all time-zones.
  • Fixed issue with 'type ahead' search in the location filter on work order reports when selecting only one location.
  • Update to allow an Enter Key press to quickly save the estimated time in the Work Order Labor panel.
  • Resolved issue with Work Order Search, Work Order Form printout and Work Order Invoice report showing more than one work order for the same work order number (appeared in cases with previously moved-out residents).
  • Updated Survey print out to correctly show the name of the worker being surveyed.
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