New Update to TheWorxHub!

February 8, 2012

Here's a quick note about a few new updates to TheWorxHub that went online last night.

New Shortcut to Add a New Resident from Search

Now you can easily add a new resident right from your Locations/Residents Search tab. Click the Unoccupied link to jump straight into adding a new resident.

Unoccupied link

If You Manage Multiple Departments 

If you're running multiple departments -- any combo of Maintenance, Housekeeping, IT Services or Landscaping -- you'll now find it easier to use the Settings > Pick Lists area. Under your Work Order Subcategory and Asset Subcategory pick list, you can now find Department Filters in the top right to limit your lists to that department.

Department filters radio buttons

Sticky Location Manager

If you're using the Location Manager under your Settings Tab to update location or resident info, your position in the location tree now sticks after you leave that page. The next time you return to your Location Manager, the tree will be open at the last area you were working on.

Location Manager

Other Fixes & Minor Updates

  • Resolved display issue for Internet Explorer users when entering labor times from the dashboard on WOs with a large number of workers assigned (unable to scroll to end of list of workers).
  • Update to Project Work Orders to default the Project Start Date to today when adding from a template.
  • Fixed reporting and search performance issue after selecting Residents using the pop-up Location Picker filter.
  • Rolled out some back-end updates to remove potential for ugly 'deadlock' errors when running intensive searches while other users on your system are running reports.
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