New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

February 8, 2015

This update includes two new reports, a new security permission for mobile users and a number of fixes and improvements.

New Mobile Permission - Remove Ability to Manually Edit Time

For those customers running our add-on Mobile app, your mobile users always had the ability to log time on jobs by starting a timer, or manually entering their hours and minutes. After a number of similar feature requests, we've added a new security permission to hide the Hours and Minutes fields so you must use the timer to log time on the job.

 Labor -permission

To add this restriction, 

  • Go to Settings > Users
  • Click the role that you wish to edit
  • Expand the Work Order panel
  • Uncheck the permission Can Edit Labor Time (Hour & Minute)
  • Click Save 

New Report: Work Request Analysis

The new Work Request Analysis report provides high-level statistics on your requestors, those in your community submitting maintenance, housekeeping or IT services requests. Use this report to monitor staff adoption of TheWorxHub by reviewing frequency of requests and identifying those with a high level of rejected requests.

You can filter this report by date, role, username and even add a bar or pie chart!

Find this new report under Reports > Work Orders > Work Request Analysis.


New Report: Contractor Listing

Now you can get a printed list of all of your contractors for any department and optionally even print all of the contacts for each. Find this report under Reports > Staff/Contractors > Contractor Listing.


Tap to Call Residents in Mobile Transportation App

For those running our add-on Transportation app using mobile, you can now see resident passenger phone numbers on each trip. You can even call them just by tapping on their phone number!



Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue in Internet Explorer where some long drop-down filters would get cut off if they reached the bottom of the page.
  • Fixed issue on mobile where using the location picker while adding a new asset would intermittently toggle the online/offline state.
  • Fixed UI problem with Labor Date range filter on the Labor Productivity report.
  • Fixed issue with auto-generated surveys where the generation of surveys was being restricted by auto-generating rules of another survey. I know that probably made no sense but if you're the customer who reported this issue then you probably know what we're talking about.
  • Fixed issue with some recurrence patterns allowing you to set a day of the month that didn't exist, like February 31.
  • Fixed issue with leading zeros being cut from the resident account number on the excel Billings to Send export.
  • Fixed issue where using the batch Complete action on your dashboard could 'un bill' previously billed work orders.
  • Fixed issue in Internet Explorer where the Enter Labor Time and Complete mouse-over action could get cut off if there were many people assigned to the work order.
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