Some Fixes to TheWorxHub

February 9, 2017

This update rolled out at midnight EST on February 9th with a number of fixes and improvements. Here's a list of the items we deployed.

Duplicate or Stuck Timers Notice

Last week we received reports of people noticing duplicate, triplicate or more labor time log entries that were originating from mobile. There was a specific issue that could occur with a temporarily drop in internet connectivity which could cause a mobile device to repeatedly send work order time information back to the main app. Here's what to look for an how to fix it:

If on mobile, you're online as indicated by the green section on your mobile dashboard and you see 'x pending updates' (screenshot below) that won't go away even after reloading your page, then you'll need to clear your browser cache. Clearing your cache and logging back into TheWorxHub mobile app will fix the issue permanently.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue where labor time record on mobile could get 'stuck' on your mobile device and continually be sent to desktop app repeatedly resulting in duplicate labor time records. This release resolves the root cause and we'll be working on cleaning up the duplicate records throughout remainder of the week.
  • Fixed issue in Mobile app in iOS 10 where selection checkmarks in Asset and Inventory lists wouldn't appear until you nudged the list.
  • Fixed issue in desktop app where right-click > print only showed a blank page!
  • Optimized load time for Requestor tab for customers running our add-on Transportation App. 
  • Fixed issue when linking a survey to a work orders, sometimes the survey pop-up form would show up further down the page.
  • Fixed AOD Billing export for Transportation app to remove '/' separators in the bill date format.
  • Fixed issue in Alerts form where you couldn't upload two photos in a row.
  • Fixed issue where a recurring work order linked to multiple assets and set to generate individual work orders for each asset would mistakenly link the meter from all assets to each generated work order. Sorry, couldn't find a clearer way to explain that one!
  • Fixed issue in Room Booking app where modifications to setup/tear down templates would not flow through to recurring room booking events.
  • Fixed issue in Search > Projects where in some cases you'd see more projects than expected -- this only appeared if you were using location restrictions in user profiles.
  • Fixed issue in Settings > Projects, where department toggle filters could be unreliable.
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