January 11 - New Release Online

January 11, 2018

Happy 2018 everyone! To welcome the new year, we've got a great new release with lots of new features and some fixes.

Security App Updates

Our all new Security App got some love as we built out ideas from our early adopters. Below are some highlights of the improvements.

Daily Log Report

Now you can report on all activity for a given date or date range with the new Daily Log report under Reports > Security. This is a great report to keep other stakeholders in the loop by saving it as a Favorite, then creating a scheduled subscription to a list of subscribers so it gets emailed to them on a frequency.

The report is designed for a daily view, so if you do a date range, you'll get a page break before each new day.


Print Incident

Now you can print an Incident, including all details and photo attachments, from your Security Dashboard >  Open Incidents where you'll find a mouse-over Print action. As well, inside an incident form you'll find a print button on the bottom right where you can print the incident.


The report opens in a pop-up preview, then just click Print to send it to your printer.


Add Work Request from an Incident

Inside your incident form on both the desktop and mobile app, you can now add a work request into any department keeping it linked to the Incident.

On the desktop app, if you have the necessary security permission you'll see a Work Requests section listing any currently linked requests, as well as an Add link to create a new one.


On the Mobile app incident form, you'll see a new panel labelled Work Requests with a count of how many requests are linked. To link a new request tap on this panel.


Review Daily Log Updates

On the Mobile app we've moved the Review Daily Logs feature to the top of the Security dashboard as client feedback indicated it was a best practice for security staff to use this feature to get an update on what's happened recently in the security department. You'll also now see an indicator of the last time you signed-off on reviewing daily logs.


We've also changed the direction of the Daily Log entries so that the most recent updates are at the top of the list. This change is in the mobile and desktop app.

Mobile View


Desktop View


Easily Print Just Checkpoint Barcodes

To streamline the process of printing your Security Checkpoint barcodes, we've added a new feature in Actions > Barcoding > Locations that allows you to easily browse and select just your Security Checkpoints for printing.


Create Checkpoints 'On-the-Fly'

When creating a Security Round Template, you can now defince security checkpoints on-the-fly while you build out your round. If a checkpoint is not visible on the Location Search, simply click the You can define new ones here link.


A pop-up appears allowing you to create a checkpoint from any location and upload checkpoint photos, specify if barcode scanning is required and input any special checkpoint notes.


Disable Trip Notification Emails for Residents

Recently we released an update to how we deliver email notifications around Trips in our Transportation app. This included a feature that sent email updates to residents. After some feedback from you requesting the ability to disable this resident email feature, we've added a new setting to stop the flow of emails to your residents.

To disable emails to residents, go to Settings > Transportation > Default Settings and check the checkbox Do Not Send Email Updates to Residents, then save.


Hide Work Order Description in Work Order Billing Exports

We received some feedback from you that in some cases, including the work order description in billing exports that were then imported into your clinical/financial systems, some residents were confused when they saw the work order description. To eliminate this potential confusion, you can suppress the description in exports now by going to Settings > Work Order > Chargeback Rate Settings and check the checkbox for Hide Description in Partner System Exports, then save.


Risk, AEM and Environment of Care Category Added to WorxIQ Asset Widgets

If you're a hospital using features such as Asset Risk, AEM and Environment of Care Category in your asset data, you can now analyse your asset data using these features.

In your Fixed Asset Widget settings you now have these options under Compare as well as new filters.


Applying one of these new dimensions to your Compare setting can provide a wealth of insight into your asset data, and clicking on a chart component provides a drill-down into specific asset detail.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed incorrect Due Date appearing at the top of the work order form for Project Work Orders.
  • Fixed Category text wrapping issue in Settings > Misc > Room Bookings in the calendar color definition section.
  • Fixed some issues with Okta SSO and SAML metadata upload.
  • Fixed some issues in iOS with sorting of Upcoming Rounds on Security App mobile dashboard.
  • Fixed issue with some users getting edit access to Room Booking events when they shouldn't have.
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