New Update to TheWorxHub

January 13, 2013

Late last night we deployed an update to improve dashboard performance and apply fixes to a few areas.

Dashboard Speed Boost

We've identified and replaced some inefficient code on the Overview tab of the dashboard. This is the area where you spend a great deal of time, so we focused on it first. Load times have been reduced 40%-80% on nearly all dashboard indicators such as Pending Requests, Incomplete, Overdue, etc. Some other minor updates to our caching methods should also improve load times when opening work orders in a smart tab.

Up next for optimization is Mobile Worx. We expect to be able to dramatically increase speeds in Mobile Worx in a similar fashion.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue with HealthMedX billing export. Removed comma from Bill Amount format when billables exceed $1000.
  • Updated logic to not email surveys linked to work orders when the work order is completed, reopened then completed again.
  • Fixed issue with Create PO mouse-over action on the Inventory to Reorder dashboard indicator.
  • Fixed timezone conversion issue on calendar where dragging and dropping events in the daily or weekly view would cause the event start time to jump several hours ahead.
  • Fixed Open QA Surveys dashboard display to correctly display 'Who is responding to this survey.'
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