A Few Updates, Fixes, & New Help Topic

January 15, 2012

New Update to TheWorxHub - Jan 15, 2012

  • In a Staff/Contractor form > Work Orders tab, a new Print button has been activated to make it easy to print the list of work orders assigned to that Staff/Contractor
  • Under Settings > Templates and Settings > Safety Notes, new department filters have been added to make it easier to limit the list to a specific department
  • A performance boost has been added to the Work Order Invoice report to ensure it prints quickly for multi-page print jobs


Other Fixes & Minor Updates

  • Fixed issue where the worker's name did not immediately disappear after being unassigned from a Project Work Order through the mouseover action
  • Multiple-select Location Picker will now display currently selected choices when you reopen the selection form
  • Fixed error in search portal for POs, where popup window would not load
  • Optimized loading of Inventory panel on WO to handle large numbers of Inventory
  • Fixed issue where the Labor Time column under the Work Order Tab in the Search Portal was not showing the logged time correctly when the logged time exceeded 24 hours

Help Site Updates

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