January 18th - New Release Online

January 18, 2018

We've rolled out an update to TheWorxHub with a number of fixes and improvements.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue in WorxIQ Completion % measure in the Work Order Analysis Widget.
  • Updated Transportation app so that Trips using Appointment Time do not default to 10am anymore and you are now required to pick an Appointment Time.
  • Fixed issue for some clients where Transportation app, Trip Schedule dashboard wouldn't open.
  • Fixed issue with some sites where the Corrective Action pop-up form inside an inspection style survey would appear as blank.
  • Fixed issue in Security app where adding a work request immediately after adding an Incident could result in an error.
  • Updated Security app Missed Rounds dashboard indicator to be more clear by changing the name to Missed Rounds & Skipped Checkpoints.
  • Changed Security app Upcoming Rounds dashboard to show non-started rounds that are a maximum of 12 hours old instead of the previous 24 hours.
  • Fixed date/time issue on Security Missed Rounds dashboard that could occur as you approached midnight.
  • Fixed a time issue in mobile iOS 10 and 11 on the Security App Review Daily Logs last sign-off time. 
  • Fixed issue with Security app desktop Daily Log dashboard where the event filter would say All Events even though Sign Off was not selected.
  • Fixed issue in Mobile app when using Just My Work > Hamburger Menu > Start Timer in offline mode, it could create duplicate timers when you marked the work order complete without first saving the timer.
  • Fixed issue in recurring Room Booking events where generated instances would show the booking time off by 1 minute.
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