New Update to TheWorxHub

January 22, 2013

Late last night we rolled out another update to further improve load-times on dashboard indicators, along with a few other fixes.

Dashboard Speed Boost Part 2!

In the January 13th update we increased dashboard indicator load times dramatically. In this update we cut the load time in half again! Throughout all work order indicators on the dashboard, items should load much quicker.

We've also deployed a small update to the Mobile Worx dashboard to speed up the initial load of Incomplete, Unassigned and Just My Work indicators.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue when adding new scheduled work orders, entering a start time but no end time, not saving the work order, then assigning labor and inserting an estimated time. In this circumstance, the scheduled work order would not retain the estimated time entered when the work order was finally saved.
  • Implemented improved caching of locations and resident info to improve overall performance. Cache is cleared upon editing of location info or resident info.
  • Fixed issue with Incomplete Sched dashboard area when assigning labor via the dashboard mouse-over actions. Now the record will update immediately to show the new labor assignments without requiring a fresh of the page.
  • Fixed issue with dashboard retaining the last used 'On-Hold Reason' when clicking Update Status action on subsequent work orders.
  • Resolved Mobile issue with new Fixed Assets added from Mobile Worx being assigned an Asset # of '0'.
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