New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

January 25, 2015

This update includes a couple of new features coming from customer requests, as well as a number of new enhancements and improvements.

Unassign Barcodes

For those customers running our add-on Barcoding app and using non-WorxHub barcodes, you can now unassign barcodes from assets, inventory or locations. This is especially useful if you happen to scan the wrong barcode when first linking barcodes to items. To remove an assigned barcode, simply find the asset, inventory or location using the Find Anything action on your device and click the unassign barcode link. Note: you can also unassign a barcode through the main app interface.


Export Inventory Reorder Data for Ferguson

If you're running our add-on Inventory app, you can now export your reorder data to a format perfect for Ferguson, a leading supplier of HVAC, plumbing and lighting supplies. From your Inventory to Reorder dashboard indicator, use your batch Export > Export to Ferguson option. Provide the exported file to your Ferguson rep to streamline your order process.

Ferguson -export 

Always See All Sites in Worx IQ

For customers running Worx IQ for advanced business analytics, dashboard widgets now always display every one of your sites even when they have no data to display. This helps to ensure all sites are accounted for and on your radar.

Worxiq -show -sites -with -zero 

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue in Worx IQ widget subscriptions where subscription end dates were not being obeyed.
  • Fixed issue where a user could inadvertently lose department access when another user edited their staff profile.
  • Put visible checkboxes on completed work orders in the Projects dashboard tab to simplify batch actions on completed work.
  • Editing a report favorite now displays the radio button setting for any relative date range filters that were saved.
  • After editing data while offline in Mobile Worx, if there were certain special characters in the work order description (&#% etc), returning online would raise an error and display the loading animation until you cleared your cache. We've resolved this issue with special charaters.
  • Fixed an issue where exported billing line items costs could be wrong if using the Settings > Work Order > ChargeBack Rate Settings > Show all line items in billing exports option.
  • Updated work order assigned inventory page on mobile to wrap the storage location for easier reading and also added the part number to the view.
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