New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

January 4, 2015

This update includes some great new performance improvements, some fixes and a more intuitive interface for taking data offline in Mobile Worx

Speed Boost for Transportation App

For those customers running our add-on Transportation app, we've updated the trip form so that it loads much faster -- over 80% faster to be more precise. You'll see this improvement when you add a new trip, or trip request, or if you click on a trip from your dashboard to view or edit details. 

Speed Boost for Mobile Staff Picker

For those of you running our Mobile Worx app, we've made a huge speed improvement to staff pickers. This includes the list of staff visible when assigning someone to a work order and survey, as well as the Find Anything > Staff/Contractor search. Get this -- we've decreased the load time of these lists by 96%!

More Intuitive Mobile Worx Offline Data

We're continually improving Mobile Worx to enhance the experience of taking your data offline. For customers who roam between WiFi hotspots on their campus, knowing when you're offline can often be a challenge. We've overhauled this area to make everything smoother.  Here's what you'll need to do in order to work offline:

1. Flip The Switch To Go Offline

If you're leaving the safety of your WiFi hotspot and intend to work offline at any point we'd recommend you deliberately set Mobile Worx into offline mode. Now with a single tap, you can switch TheWorxHub into offline mode. This automatically downloads the newest snapshot of data, then sends Mobile Worx into offline mode immediately. No need to turn on your device airplane mode any more, just flip the switch in Mobile Worx!

Newoffline -gooffline

2. Work Offline

Your device is still on-line -- other browser tabs can still surf the web and your email will still work -- but Mobile Worx will operate without connecting to your network. This means that if you wander between hotspots or are working in areas without internet connectivity, you'll still be able to access your data on your device.

3. Flip The Switch to Come On-line

After you've worked offline for a while, adding work orders, logging time, marking jobs complete, your dashboard will accumulate a number of changes that only exist on your device -- because you're offline, they've yet to upload to TheWorxHub. When you return to a location where you know you have stable WiFi and your device is connected, you can flip the switch to come back on-line. Your changes will upload to TheWorxHub right away.

Newoffline -comeonline

4. Encounter Problems? Clear Your Cache

This update should be seamless for most of you. If you don't see the new offline/online switch, or you have login problems, or end up staring at a loading animation, please clear your cache and login again.

Here's some instructions on clearing your cache on iOS and Android devices.

If you still encounter issues after clearing your cache, please contact us to let us know.  

New Work Order Cost Details Report

A brand new report has been added under Reports > Work Orders called the Work Order Cost Details report. This report itemizes all of the various costs that apply to a each work order.

  • staff labor costs
  • contractor labor costs
  • inventory costs
  • additional costs

When it comes to additional costs, you can have an unlimited number of custom additional costs added to any work order. If you want to see an itemized list of these costs, click the Show Itemized Addt'l Costs checkbox in the options area.

Cost -details -report


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue when receiving an ad hoc fixed asset on a purchase order.
  • After scanning a barcode, we've removed an unnecessary dashboard load to improve load times.
  • Added a barcode field to TheWorxHub asset, inventory and location form so you can see barcode data that's stored for that item.
  • Fixed issue in Mobile Worx where Actions section of the dashboard would disappear in offline mode after viewing a work order list.
  • Fixed issue in global search when a search term with an apostrophe was used.
  • Fixed issue in WorxIQ report subscriptions where you weren't able to delete an end date on your subscription frequency.
  • Fixed issue in Mobile Worx where you'd get an error when saving a new work order that was created from a template if that template required meter readings.
  • Fixed issue in work order inventory panel where double-clicking in the Assigned Inventory Qty column would cause the page to jump to a new position.
  • Fixed issues where surveys assigned to work order templates would not flow through to work orders generated from those templates.
  • Fixed issue in Purchase Order > Special Instructions field where pressing enter on your keyboard wouldn't create a new line in the instructions field.
  • Fixed issue in Transportation app when custom billable items that were flagged as include by default were not automatically being charged.
  • Fixed issue in certain versions of Firefox where dashboard mouse-over actions would pop-out, then disappear immediately.
  • Updated recurring project due date staggering logic to group work orders in similar locations when a project is generated.
  • Allow for resident usernames to be reused when a resident is moved out.
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