New Improvements to TheWorxHub

July 12, 2015

This update has a number of great new features including uploading signatures from mobile, new email notification options and our all new Room Bookings app has launched!

Room Bookings App Launched!

Prevent conflicts and ensure events go off without a hitch! The new Room Bookings app for TheWorxHub lets you manage your rooms from a centralized calendar -- whether it's a guest suite, private dining, activities or anything at all. Visibility into setup and tear down tasks ensure ample time is always left between events. Get a sneak peek at some of the features on this blog post. To get a demo of the new app contact us now!


Upload Signature From Mobile

Need to document resident approval for a billable work order? Need staff to sign-off on certain work orders? Now you can capture signatures right from your phone or tablet.

In your mobile app, simply tap the Signatures panel from inside a work order form. It easiest if you turn your device landscape as it provides the most space for signing.


Tap Save on the signature, then type in the name and specify whether the signature is from a resident or staff, then tap Done. That's it. The signature is now captured and visible inside the main desktop app as well.


Tip: When implementing signature capture, bigger devices make it easier to sign so think about utilizing large phones or tablets. To improve the experience, consider using a device with a stylus, or buying a 3rd party stylus for your device. Using a stylus makes signing on a phone or tablet much easier.

Note: Signature capture is not supported on iOS6 or previous devices.

Live Chat with Support

Look to the top right of TheWorxHub for the Live Chat link. During the hours of 9am-5pm Eastern Time, our staff are available with a single click to answer your support questions. Even when we're not there, you can click to send an email direct to support!



Enhanced Email Notification Options

We've added some enhancements to our existing work order email notifications. Now, under Settings > Misc > New Request Notifications you can add further options. Specify one or many users to get email notifications anytime a new request is added, is rejected, a work order is cancelled or put on hold. 



Reason for Rejection/Cancellation

We've added a new feature to enhance tracking of work orders that are rejected or cancelled. Now when rejecting or cancelling a work order you are prompted to pick a reason. This will help with analysis or auditing down the road. To customize your list of reasons go to Settings > Pick Lists > Reason for Rejection/Cancellation.






Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue on Calendar tab where using extra filters would clear all calendar appointments.
  • Improved logging in work order Log panel when a work order is rejected or cancelled.
  • Added option on Reports > Surveys > Survey Form to print a logo on each survey.
  • Fixed issue on mobile where due date was not auto-populating when using a template.
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