New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

July 20, 2014

This is a huge update! We've been working away on a few great things, so take a seat and read all about it! 

Barcoding is Here!

Print barcodes right from TheWorxHub, stick them to Assets, Inventory and Locations, then use Mobile Worx on your mobile device to scan. Being able to walk up to any piece of equipment, location or inventory item and quickly scan it is a huge step forward in workflow productivity and data accuracy. Take a read through this Black and White and Read All Over blog post for an intro to the brand new Barcoding app.


Attach Files to a Work Request

Now your requestors can attach one or many files to their work requests. Attach pictures, pdfs, word docs, excel files, even links to a website. These attachments carry over to the work order once the request is accepted.

Request -attachment


New Attachment Types

You could always upload files from your computer to attach, but now you can also attach website URLs or files from Dropbox.

  • Attach a URL to an online video of the PM procedure to a scheduled work order.
  • Link directly to a pdf manual online at the manufacturer's website.

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service giving easy access to your files anywhere on any device. Now you can link directly to files stored on Dropbox. Just select the dropbox option and enter your dropbox login credentials.



View Attachments on Mobile

Now you can view work order attachments on Mobile. When you open a mobile work order, you'll see a new panel called Attachments. This panel displays all attachments on the work order, as well as any attachments for the assets linked to that work order. Just tap the attachment to download and view! For a detailed overview, check out our help topic on adding and viewing attachments.



Upload Attachments on Mobile

Take pictures on your mobile device and attach them to work orders in a only a few clicks. Great for pictures of damage or before and after photos. For more detail on uploading attachments on mobile, check out our help topic on adding and viewing attachments.


Asset Safety Notes

Link important safety notes directly to fixed asset records -- such as lock-out/tag-out procedures. Now when those assets are linked to work orders, the safety notes automatically show up on Work Order Form print outs as well as on mobile. To link a safety note to an asset, look for the Safety Notes panel inside a Fixed Asset form.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Show as Occupied setting in Location Manager now updates the Work Order Form print out to show a room as 'Occupied.'
  • Resident Away Notifications now print on the Work Order Form print out.
  • Enhancement to Simple Work Order Listing report to speed up performance when Completed Date filter is used.
  • Fixed issue with offline mobile where safety notes would show linked to a work order even after they were removed in the main app.
  • Fixed display issue with Search > Projects where the columns for Time and Billings were not properly formatted.
  • Fixed issue with Work Orders subtab inside a Fixed Asset form. The filters for complete and incomplete were not working reliably.
  • Fixed issue on mobile where discontinued inventory items were still showing on the Assign Inventory page.
  • Fixed issue with billable time rounding in Transportation app.
  • Added feature to enlarge resident photo when you click on it inside the Work Request or Work Order form.
  • Updated Pick-up logic in transportation app so that pick-ups get the same trip category as their parent trip.
  • Added new feature to Transportation app to charge different billable rates per vehicle.
  • Sorted vehicles alphabetically in vehicle selection area of transportation app.
  • Added Special Notes column to Search > Trips export.
  • Fixed interface issue with Daily option in the Recurrence window in scheduled work orders.
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