New Update to TheWorxHub!

July 29, 2012

Last night we rolled out an update to TheWorxHub to add some great new features. Read on to learn what's in this update.

Multi-Worker Completion

The idea behind this feature is that if multiple workers are assigned to the same work order, you can complete the job for one of them, while leaving the job open for the other workers.

You have the ability when using the mouse-over complete action from the dashboard. Use the checkboxes to mark which of the assigned workers are complete. The note and completion date/time get logged to those workers. The work order is not officially complete until everyone reports back as completed. Bonus: log time for the work done directly from the quick complete form!

Multi Worker Completion YAY!

We wanted to make sure this new feature kept the quick complete action extremely fast and simple. Here's a few tips about how it works.

  • If you are not assigned to the work order -- if you're a manager or dispatcher -- it will automatically mark each person for completion. If everyone isn't actually done, just uncheck those who aren't yet complete.
  • If you are assigned to the work order, it will automatically put a check next to your name, but not for the other workers assigned.
  • Once someone has already reported their portion as complete, their checkbox is removed and replaced with the date they completed (and an 'undo' option to undo their completion if necessary).
  • Even if the entire work order is not complete, the work order is removed from the 'Just My Work' dashboard indicator for the person who was marked complete.

See this help topic Completing a Work Order for more detail.

This same concept also applies to Mobile Worx.

multi-complete mobile

See these Mobile Worx topics for more on how multi-worker completion works on mobile: Technician Workflow and Completing a Work Order.

Note: using the batch complete option, or using the completion wizard will mark all assigned workers as complete. This multi-worker completion is only available from the dashboard mouse-over complete action.

Scheduled Work Order 'Grace Period'

Now you are able to establish 'Days Until Due' rules under Settings > Work Order > Scheduled Work Order Settings. This section allows you to specify how far into the future your due date should be set when a scheduled work order generates. You can customize this for each frequency (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) and for each department.

grace period

See our new help topic, Setting a 'Grace Period' on Scheduled Work Orders, for more details. 

Custom 'On Hold' Status Reasons

Now you can create your own custom on hold status reasons, such as 'Waiting for Parts' or 'Waiting for Budget.' There is only a single On Hold status now, but an unlimited amount of custom on hold status reasons. These can be defined in Settings > Pick Lists > On Hold Status Reason. When you change the status to On Hold, you can now enter a reason from a pick list.

grace period

See our new help topic, Using the 'On Hold' Status, for more detail.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issues with changing the default billing code in the work order Billing panel when not licensed for the inventory module.
  • On Mobile Worx, when using the Notify Others section of a request, the names are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixes to Billings to Send are of dashboard. Now you can export more than 80, and users of Internet Explorer can now successfully open the exported excel file.
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