New Update to TheWorxHub

July 6, 2013

Late last night we rolled out an update to TheWorxHub. Read below to see what's new.

Cancel Project Action Added

On your Projects tab, you now have access to a new action - Cancel Project. This allows you to cancel the project, state a reason and have it removed from your dashboard. In order to cancel the project, here's what you'll need to do:

  • Cancel any work orders that are part of the project that aren't yet complete. Use the Update Status action to cancel the work orders.
  • Click the Cancel Project mouse-over action on the project header record.
  • Enter a Reason for Cancellation.
  • Click Save. The project is removed from your dashboard.

After a project has been cancelled, you can still find it under Search > Projects. You can filter on a project status of cancelled, view the cancellation date in the search results and view the cancellation reason in the pop-up project summary. 


Work Order Search Speed Boost

We've added a huge optimization to Search > Work Orders to speed up searching. In our tests we're seeing speed increases of over 60%!

Search -speed -boost

Printed Filter and Printed Icon in Billings to Send Dashboard

Sometimes where you're tracking a lot of billables and printing invoices, it's hard to keep track of which items you've already printed and which items still need to be printed. We've added a new function to your Billings to Send dashboard indicator which lets you filter the list to just show those that have yet to be printed. Also, a printed icon displays next to records to show that a record has been printed.

Billing -printed 

Schedule Work Order from Calendar with Click and Drag

An enhancement has been added to the Weekly and Staff view of the calendar allowing you to add a new work order and schedule an appointment time in one click.

While in the Weekly or Staff view, click on a start time and drag your mouse until you reach the desired end time. When you release your mouse button, a new work order form pops-up with the due date and appointment times already set.

Add -wo -from -calendar

Discontinued Inventory Option Added

When an inventory item is no longer used by your department, you can mark the item as Discontinued. This will remove the item from your Assign Inventory lists, and hide it from Search. A new search filter -- Include Discontinued Inventory -- allows you to search discontinued items when needed.

Discontinue -inventory


Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Ensured pre-defined billing information on work order templates and project templates flows through to new work orders generated from the template.
  • Added feature to upload a photo of inventory items.
  • Added a Role filter under Search > Staff/Contractors to make it easier to find staff of a certain role.
  • Added a Job Title field to the staff profile form.
  • On Mobile, when adding Labor Time or Status Notes, that info is now immediately visible without having to return to the dashboard first.
  • In the work order Labor panel, pay rates are now hidden for the logged in user when viewing their own labor record to prevent others from looking over their shoulder and seeing their pay rate.
  • The Billings to Send dashboard export option has been updated with a column showing the Worker(s) and Completion Date.
  • Prevented common/service areas from appearing as potential move destinations when moving residents.
  • When moving Resident #2 into a vacant unit, they now correctly move into the Resident #1 spot.
  • Sorted Subcategory Filter items alphabetically on all work order reports.
  • Fixed issue when trying to remove users signed up for New Request Notifications under Settings > Misc.
  • Fixed issues when viewing a Scheduled Work Order Template and using the Save As Template function to save that as a brand new template.
  • Fixed issue when using the Completion Wizard on project work orders from the dashboard.
  • Fixed issue in WorxIQ reports when using the pop-up Location filter.
  • Improved performance of Inventory to Reorder dashboard indicator and Reorder Report.
  • Enhanced Quick Complete and Auto-Complete for work orders to automatically consume assigned inventory quantities.
  • Fixed some inconsistency in On Order and Assigned quantities appearing on the Inventory to Reorder dashboard indicator.
  • Corrected error in Purchase Orders when ordering or receiving fractions of an item (like 0.5).
  • Enhanced Project Templates to carry over Additional Costs when added to work orders in the template.
  • Prevented users from marking a newly accepted request as complete without filling in required fields such as priority, category and subcategory.
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