June 1st - New Release Online

June 1, 2017

We've rolled out an update at 12:00AM EST on June 1st with a few features and fixes.

Task List Notes

You can now add a note to any task list item on the fly. If you have a PM with many tasks and some of those tasks require comments, data capture, or other results, you can enter them against any task.

In the main app, look for a mouse-over action Add Note.


In the main app you'll also see the note in the interface right below the task with a note icon next to it. Once a note exists on a task, the mouse-over link changes to Edit Note.


You can also add a note in the Mobile app. On the task list page, just tap the arrow to the right of the task to navigate to the note page. Enter your note and tap Save.


Any captured notes will also print on the work order form.


WorxIQ - Drill Down on Chart Widgets

WorxIQ is a business intelligence layer that runs on-top of TheWorxHub and allows for multi-site roll-ups of data into one centralized dashboarding and reporting tool. We've added a great new feature where you can click on your chart widgets to display a fly-out with detail.

The fly-out contains up to 200 records and to see more than that, use the export link in the bottom left to export all the underlying records to excel!



Room Booking Calendar Subscriptions - Filter on Rooms

With our add-on Room Booking app, you can subscribe to calendar feeds that will show in your Outlook Exchange, Google Calendar or on your mobile device. Now, when creating your calendar feed you can even filter on specific rooms.

You might want:

  • a feed for every single room
  • a feed for just guest suites
  • a feed for just activities rooms



Rounds Tab - Deficiency Dashboard Update

We've added the ability to sort your open deficiencies by Severity as well as ensured that the assigned labor on work order deficiencies appears. 


New Deficiency Listing Report

Under Reports > Survey/Inspection we've added a new report called Deficiency Listing. This report is designed to help you review and distribute all inspection deficiencies. This is a great report to create a subscription for to get open deficiencies emailed to a group on a schedule.


Filter on Deficiency Due Date, whether deficiencies are open or closed, Responsible Party, Completed By and more. Group your records by Survey Name, Responsible Party, Severity and more.



Fixes & Improvements


  • Added work order number next to the description in HealthMedX/Vision billing export, as well as other exports when the Export Individual Line Items option is checked.
  • Fixed issue with deactivating loations where assets are linked.
  • Fixed periodic error with clicking the Make This a Recurring Event link in Room Bookings.
  • Fixed sorting problem in Open Deficiencies dashboard.
  • On Deficiency History tab fixed incorrect Open/Close dates.
  • Fixed issue with commas in billing description causing PointClickCare billing export to be incorrectly formatted.
  • Resolved issue with some report subscriptions note going out.
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