June 16th - New Release Online

June 16, 2017

We've rolled out an update at 12:00AM EST on June 16th with some new features and fixes.

Improved Room Booking Calendar Event Creation

When using the room booking calendar to book an event time, sometimes it was hard to get the start time and length exactly right, and as soon as you released your mouse, it would take you right to the next step to fill out the rest of the room booking form. Now, you can click and drag to drop your appointment, then move it to a different time of day, a different room and even lengthen or shorten it. Once you're all set, click the new Next Step button to move on to the room booking form.

0615207-nextstep RB

For users with full access to the Room Booking dashboard and the View Calendar link, you'll also see the Next Step button on the dashboard version of the calendar.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue on mobile Surveys/Inspections app where the Save Where I'm At button at the bottom of the page switches to Complete once all questions are scored. Now it will remain as Save Where I'm At so it's clear that you can just save your survey as is, rather than mark it complete.
  • Fixed error on Asset PM Analysis report when grouping by Location.
  • Fixed issue with Reports Tab not showing in some rare cases even when the logged in user had permissions.
  • Optimized WorxIQ Labor widget drill-downs.
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