New Update to TheWorxHub!

June 17, 2012

Last night we rolled out a huge new update to TheWorxHub with a number of new features and improvements. Here's what's changed:

Changes to Scheduled Work Order Logic 

This is an 'under-the-hood' change that we've made to support the ability to change the recurrence pattern on a scheduled work order after it's been in use. As well, this update will help us in the future to support a 'grace period' on scheduled work order -- allowing the due date to be set to a future date after the work order generates. This 'grace period' is not part of this update, but will be rolled out very soon.

Note: There is a chance that this update will generate scheduled work orders that were previously skipped because of unexpected data conditions when your data was migrated from PM Worx, or first entered into TheWorxHub. You'll see these on your dashboard as recently created work orders but with very old due dates.  This is a one time event and should not pose a significant issue. Customers with a large number of these extra work orders have already been notified separately with instructions on how to deal with them.

Sched -work -due -dates

Staff Schedule Report Under Construction

For the next couple days, the staff schedule report found under Reports > Staff/Contractors will be under construction. We're working to improve this report significantly. We will send out an email notice once the new and improved version is up and running.

Print a Purchase Order Form

You can now print out a purchase order by clicking the print button inside the purchase order general info panel.

Po -print1

The purchase order print out will display in a pop-up where you can print it, or save it as a PDF file.

Po -print 2-small


Edit Purchase Order Line Item Price & Qty 'On-the-fly'

After you've added a line item to a purchase order,  you can easily edit the quantity to order and the price by simply clicking in those fields on the line item. Once you're done editing, click the save icon on the far right.

Inline -edit -po

See Resident Phone & Photo on Request Form 

Now when you are submitting a request, you see the resident phone number, photo and 'other entry notes' as soon as you select their location.

See -resident -photo -and -phone -on -request

Assign Someone | Add Labor Search Changes 

Many of you with large lists of staff and contractors would experience a 'jumping around' with the list of available workers as you searched a name find people to assign. We have resolved this by not searching on each keystroke. Instead TheWorxHub will search your worker list when you pause, or when you press your enter key.

Assing -labor


New Inventory Usage by Location Report 

Have you ever wondered where your inventory items are going -- which specific location they're being used in? A new report called the Inventory Usage by Location will summarize which inventory items were used in which locations based on the work orders that the items were used on. To find this report, go to Reports > Inventory & POs > Inventory Usage by Location.

Inv -usage -by -location


Easier to Use Mobile Location Picker 

When you're adding a new work order or work request on Mobile Worx, you need to use the location picker to find a location for the work. When you type in the location to search for, the results now get returned with the tree expanded to show the locations which match your search term. This saves time and eliminates the need (most of the time) to expand the tree to find locations. See the animation below.

Mobile -location -search


A Quick List of Other Features

  • All chart labels turned on an angle to fit more labels per chart, so you're not left guessing at what is showing on the charts.
  • Added username filter and column into Location/Resident search to easily search for resident requestors by username.
  • Updated work order form and invoice print-out to show the name of the resident who resided in a location at the time of the work order being completed.
  • New 'Entry Allowed' filter on Location/Resident search tab allowing you to only show residents where you have permission to enter, or where you do not.
  • On all work order reports, the WO# filter has been moved into the main filter area -- no longer hidden in the advanced filter section.
  • Added a Description filter to all work order reports. Now you can type part of a work order description into the filter to limit your results to work orders matching that description.
  • If 'bill to resident' check box is checked, the work order print out now indicates 'Yes' for bill to resident.
  • You can now print a work order from the pop-up work order screen in Search > Work Orders.
  • Added supplier discount % to contract panel in supplier form -- gets used on purchase orders.
  • Added account # to contractor/supplier Contract panel.
  • Updated 'Assign Inventory' panel to search when you pause, or when you press your enter key -- this prevents the inventory list from 'jumping around' on search.
  • Updated with new ability to make changes to a project type and locations immdiately after creating a project from a template.
  • Auto-adjust inventory option created to automagically (that's a word) insert an adjustment record into the Usage tab to ensure the usage tab matches the current on-hand quantity. Especially useful to reconcile anomolies after migrating from PM Worx.
  • Added default shipping and billing addresses into Settings > PO/Inventory tab.
  • Added shipping and billing address panel to Purchase Order form.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue with batch print capability within a Projects dashboard.
  • Fixed issue with changing locations on a project template.
  • Fixed issue with primary contact for Contractor/Supplier which was still visible after being deleted.
  • Fixed intermittant issue with Batch Assign action when assigning 5, 9 or 13 work orders concurrently. This was a fun one to diagnose, so weird!
  • Removed Completion panel on scheduled work order form, thus preventing you from marking a scheduled work order or work order template as complete -- not allowed!
  • Fixed issue with search results refreshing after popping up a resident form in Search > Locations/Residents.
  • Fixed issue with Resident #2 'share login with resident #1' option.
  • Fixed issue with Work Order Reponse Time report not obeying the pie chart/bar chart options.
  • Fixed issues with periodic time-out errors on various reports.
  • Many fixes and enhancements to the work order form print out.
  • Fixed issue with inventory category and subcategory pick lists not obeying the sort order specified in Settings > Pick Lists.
  • Fixed issue with Ad Hoc inventory items showing up in 'assign inventory' lists and search results.
  • Fixed issue with displaying a purchase order status in search.
  • Fixed display issue in calendar when mini-work order location picker is used.
  • Fixed issue in Mobile Worx where all dashboard indicators were visible to users while the app loaded, regardless of their security permissions.
  • Fixed issue with Scheduled Work Order # skipping when creating a scheduled work order via a template.
  • Fixed issue where scheduled work order templates would appear in the right hand smart-widget for a selected location.
  • Fixed issue with main dashboard drill-down filters appearing even though there are no matching records.
  • If you're still reading this, congrats, you're almost done!
  • Fixed issues occuring after adding a work order on Mobile Worx while offline, then tapping the incomplete work orders section.
  • Fixed issue with changing the billing code in the work order billing panel -- it used to reset back to the default even after changing it.
  • Fixed issue with QA Surveys not retaining 'Who is Being Surveyed' data when reopening a survey form to input scores.
  • Fixed an internet explorer error on the work order completion wizard.
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