New Update to TheWorxHub

June 2, 2013

Late last night we rolled out a big update to TheWorxHub, including many great new features and improvements. This is a big one, so take a seat and read about all the awesome new features.

Get Email Notifications when a New Request is Added

With this new update, you can select one or many people to get notified via email each time a new request is added into TheWorxHub. You can even customize the recipients by department if you're running multiple Departments in TheWorxHub.

  • To set up the recipients for request notifications, go to Settings > Misc. 
  • In the New Request Notifications section at the bottom, select the desired recipient(s) for any department. A recipient needs to have an email address setup for this to work. You'll see their email address appear to the right once they've been selected.
  • Click the save button when you're done.


 Each time a request is added, the recipients will receive an email that looks like this.


Calendar Update -- Drag Appointments in 5 Minute Increments

In the calendar weekly view and staff view you can drag appointments to schedule them for a time of day. Previously you could only drag the appointment in 30 minute increments. Now you can drag the appointment in 5 minute increments! This is great for housekeeping departments with very precise schedules.

Drag -5min

Look up Historical Work Orders on Mobile!

For those of you running the add-on mobile app, this great new feature lets you look up past work orders for a location. Let's say you're looking at a work order on mobile and you think "I feel like we've fixed this problem before." Now you can quickly find out details on past work orders in that location. **Note: This feature is only available when you're online.

When viewing the work order details form for an open work order, click the View Location/Resident panel at the bottom.

Tap -location -resident

To look up the last 5 work orders for the location of this work order, tap the Last 5 Work Orders panel.

Last -5-work -orders

The 5 most recent work orders are displayed. To find more historical work orders, tap the Load 5 More button. Tap any of the historical work orders to view details on that work order including completion notes.

The colored icon to the left of each of the historical work orders represents the status.

  • Red: On Hold
  • Green: In Progress
  • Black: Complete
  • Grey: Rejected or Cancelled

Tap -past -workorder

Recent Work Orders Smart Widget when Adding a New Work Order

Now when you add a new work order, as soon as you pick a location, smart widgets on the right hand side load to show recent work in that location. This is great for spotting duplicate work orders before you add something new.

Smart -widgets 

Staff Schedule Dashboard Added to Landscaping Department

For those of you running the Landscaping department in TheWorxHub, you now have access to the Staff Schedule dashboard indicator. This dashboard section provides a daily snapshot of each staff member's schedule for the next 7 days. This is an ideal tool for understanding your staff workload and easily scheduling new appointments.

Staff -schedule -landscaping

To activate the Staff Schedule, update your security permissions under Settings > Users. Ensure Staff Schedule is checked under the Dashboard section.

Overhauled Password Reset Feature

It happens to all of us. Sometimes you just forget what your password is for TheWorxHub. We've overhauled the Forgot Password function available from your login screen to ensure it's 100% reliable. In order to use the Forgot Password function, you need to know your email address that is associated with your user account in TheWorxHub.

Simply click Forgot Password, enter your email address, then watch your inbox (or junk folder) for an email with a custom link to reset your password. See the full instructions in our Password Reset topic.



Asset Retirement Helper

When you retire an asset, it's important to unlink that retired asset from any scheduled work orders, templates or project templates. If these scheduled work orders or templates are continually used with the retired asset linked, it could be confusing for staff. When retiring an asset, TheWorxHub now displays all scheduled work orders and templates to which that asset is linked. You can click the hyperlinked schedule and template numbers to go to those records and unlink the retired asset.


The usefulness of this feature is not just limited to retiring assets. Sometimes you just want to quickly look up all other places where a scheduled work order is linked. To launch this helper window at any time, click the Linked Schedules & Templates hyperlink inside the fixed asset General Info panel.

Retirement -helper

Use Details and Task Lists on the Same Work Order

Previously you could have free form text details on a work order OR a Task List. Now you can have both! Once you've saved a new work order or scheduled work order, you can add a Task List to it even if you already have details entered. Both will show on the full page Work Order Form print out, as well as on your Mobile work orders.


Other Fixes & Improvements

  • In the pop-up work order forms accessible from your Dashboard > Projects tab, you can now click the work order Save button to save your changes and keep the pop-up form open.
  • Fixed issue where work orders would disappear from the dashboard after the pop-up Completion Wizard was used.
  • The size of the Detail field in the Work Request form has been expanded for Internet Explorer users.
  • A Remove Photo option has been added to the Location Info panel to allow you to remove a linked photo.
  • The work order number has been added to the header of the pop-up Completion Wizard.
  • Fixed issue with mini-resident form in Settings > Location Manager when editing the move-in date or phone number. The new info is displayed without having to refresh the page.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive staff could still be displayed in the Notify Others or Email Notification section.
  • Fixed an issue when working offline in the Mobile app where it wouldn't store the start time and end time when using the labor timer.
  • If a work order was part of a project, the project number now displays as part of the work order number in Search > Work Orders.
  • When using WorxIQ as a corporate user, any templates or safety notes that you create are now immediately available to be used by all sites that are part of your company.
  • Fixed issue when changing a work order status from Rejected to In Progress, we now correctly prompt for a priority, category and subcategory where required.
  • Fixed issue where the mobile app could show the Open QA Surveys panel and Add New Survey panel when the user didn't have the necessary security permissions.
  • Fixed error when working offline in the mobile app when you add a new work order, assign a staff member then immediately click the Status panel.
  • Fixed issue with Billing Contact list under Settings > Work Order where it wasn't showing all staff members.
  • Fixed issue with Staff Certification panel when inserting certification records for multiple staff in succession.
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