New Update to TheWorxHub!

June 20, 2012

Last night we pushed out another update to TheWorxHub to fix a few issues and to add a great new feature!

Work Order Print Button Refreshes Page Properly

After our last update, you were quick to notify us that the print button inside the work order form didn't save the work properly as it did before. It did in fact save, however, it wasn't refreshing the page properly to show the updated status and the new work order #. This is now resolved and working as before.

Add Requests to Any Department

We've released a new feature for our customers running multiple departments in TheWorxHub. Now any user can have access to submit a request to any other department, without having specific security access to that department.

Here's an example. Previously, a maintenance technician could have access to submit a request to housekeeping, only if he was given access to housekeeping through his staff profile. This provided the ability to submit a request to housekeeping, but also gave him access to see more dashboard details for housekeeping which wasn't ideal. Now that same technician can just see maintenance department data, but can click the Requestor tab on the dashboard to submit a request to other departments.

Here's how to set it up.

  1. First, update the staff profile through search > staff/contractors. Ensure a staff member only has the department selected for which they perform work.
  2. Next, under settings > users, ensure the role they're assigned to does not have 'Can see other departments' checked. This permission is strictly used to provide full unrestricted access to all departments. Was often misused to easily grant access to submit requests to all departments.
  3. Now when they visit the Requestor tab, they will see all departments, but on the Overview tab they will only see the department that they work for.

Note: User roles are cached for 15 minutes to improve performance of TheWorxHub. It may take up to 15 minutes for any changes to user roles to be reflected.

Add -requests -all -departments

Changes to Work Order Global Search

Global search, found at the top of your dashboard is a great feature. It lets you type in anything, press enter, and TheWorxHub goes out to find it. The problem though is if you have 60,000 work orders and you type 'light' into a work order global search, it has a lot of work to do. It scans all work order descriptions, categories, even resident names, to find the work orders you're looking for. This can be a time consuming process. Most likely, you're not using the global search to find a work order from 5 years ago. Because of this, we've implemented a default date range filter when you use the work order global search.

Work Order global searches are automaticaly filtered to return results from the last 12 months. Once the initial search completes, you can easily widen the start date range in the search filter area to scan further back in time.

 Global -search -filter

Other Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Ad Hoc QA Surveys generated nighty or added via Mobile. These surveys would not open from the main dashboard in TheWorxHub, just a blank screen would appear.
  • Fixed issue with Mobile Worx users having access to view other departments when in offline mode on their device.
  • Updated global search drop down from main dashboard to include Scheduled Work Orders.
  • Fixed issue with Inventory Usage & Purchase History report generating errors periodically.
  • Fixed issue with Purchase Order search hanging, or not displaying results in some instances. This was a performance issue caused by the addition of the Status filter and column. This info has been temporarily removed from the search to allow search to remain fast while we work on the root cause.
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