June 29th - New Release Online

June 29, 2017

We've rolled out an update at 12:00AM EST on June 29th with some new features and fixes.

Work Category & Subcategory Now on Work Order Lists

On your main work order dashboard you'll now see the work order category and subcategory on your list. This is completely searchable if you need to zero-in on specific categories of work.

06292017-asset -cat -in -list

To further enhance finding work of a specific category, there's now a new drill down filter for category.

06292017-asset -cat -in -list -drill -down


Asset Subcategory Searching on Work Order Asset Panel

Sometimes when you're searching for an asset, or group of assets to link to a work order or PM, it's helpful to be able to search by the more specific subcategory. We've extended the previous category column to now include the related subcategory. Use the search box to search for things like fire extinguishers or AHUs.

06292017-asset -subcat -grid

Room Bookings Pro Billings Dashboard Bill Type Filter

When reviewing the Room Booking Billings dashboard, you'll often perform different actions if it's resident billable, or billable to a department. Use the drill down filter for Bill Type to narrow down your results before exporting. Read more on billing options available in Room Bookings Pro.

Rbpro -billing -attendee -dashboard -drill -down -type


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue where requestors could subscribe to email notifications, and click the link in the email to access the work order form.
  • Improved corrective action work orders that are triggered by inspection survey failures -- the resulting work orders now obey the settings in Settings > Work Order > Due Date Setting.
  • Fixed issue with some recurring trips being ended incorrectly after 1 year. The issue is fixed such that it won't occur again, but existing trips that were incorrectly ended will need to be recreated.
  • When selecting catering items to add to a room booking event, the selection list is now sorted alphabetically by the description of the item.
  • Fixed issue on room booking request calendar where the Next Step button could be obscured by other calendar events in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where the calendar would hang for specific staff members.
  • Optimized the load time of the passenger filter in Search > Trips.
  • Fixed some errors in report subscription emails to make email delivery more reliable.
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