New Improvements to TheWorxHub

June 4, 2015

We've added direct links in work order email notifications. Just click the link to jump straight to the work order on your desktop or mobile device!

Direct Links in Work Order Email Notifications

Throughout TheWorxHub there's various ways that you can get email updates on work orders.

Your staff profile can be configured to get emails for new assignments.


You can subscribe to email updates on demand.


You can also get email updates when you're added to the Notify Others section in a new work request, the Email Notification panel on a work order, or the New Request Notification section under Settings > Misc.

Now, anytime an email arrives relating a work order, simply click or tap the link to open that work order!

If you're on your desktop, the work order link will open in your desktop browser.


If you happen to be on your phone or tablet when you tap the link, we'll detect that you're mobile and take you to the touch-friendly mobile version of the work order -- if your community owns the add-on Mobile app.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue in some versions of Chrome on Android where some UI elements in the Mobile app would disappear or generally look...weird.
  • Fixed issue on calendar where some work orders would disappear when dragging and dropping a work order that had multiple staff assigned to it.
  • Fixed error when working offline in the mobile app and using the Find Anything > Work Orders feature.
  • Ensured deactivated staff that were assigned as drivers on trips still appeared on historic trips that they were assigned to.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to unlink a work order from a project.
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