New Update to TheWorxHub!

March 13, 2012

A new update went online late last night with a few improvements:

Work Order # Added to HealthMEDX Export

Based on some requests from customers we've updated the HealthMEDX billing export to include the Work Order # as part of the export. We've prefaced the 'description' column with the work order number to help your accounting department better respond to questions on particular billings.

HealthMEDX export


Move Notes Added to Move Forms

Now when doing a move-out or internal move from your Resident Info tab > Moves History panel, or from the Location Manager, the move function now contains a move notes field. Use the move notes to capture special details about the reason for the move.

Mobile Notes

Move Button Names Updated

To clarify the difference between moving out of the community altogether and moving internally, we've changed the names of the move buttons available in your Resident Info tab.

Leave Community: the resident is moving out of your community altogether.

Change Location: the resident is moving into a different location but remaining in your community.

Move buttons

Other Fixes & Minor Updates

  • Fixed issue with new resident requestor account being assigned the wrong role giving no permissions.
  • Updated the 'See all' link on the requestors Just My Work widget to correctly launch a search for all requests by the logged in user.
  • Fixed issue of creating new scheduled work order template in Settings > Templates
  • A few performance updates.
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