New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

March 16, 2014

We just rolled out an update to TheWorxHub which contains some great new features, improvements and bug fixes. Here's what was added: 

Settings Subtab Permissions

Now you can define permissions for certain roles to allow them to access subtabs inside the Settings tab, without giving full access to settings. Let's say you wanted to give someone access to Pick Lists, Work Order settings, Project settings and Safety Notes. You can go to Settings > Users, expand the Settings panel, and check each of those options, leaving the others unchecked.  

For these to take effect, you must also provide access to the Settings tab under the General panel 


View Only & Edit Access to Resident, Location, Staff/Contractor and Asset Data

Previously, if you had security access to an area,  you have full control. Now you can limit users to have no access, view only access, or add/edit access to the following areas:

  • Resident Info
  • Location Info
  • Staff/Contractor Info
  • Fixed Asset Info

The screenshot below shows how you can configure a role to have view-only access to resident and location info.

Location -resident -restrictions

Transportation App New Features

A huge update to transportation brings faster performance, Pickups, Recurring Trips, Ad Hoc Passengers and much more. Here's some details:

Schedule Pickups

Now with any trip that isn't a return trip, you can schedule a pickup with a single click! Whether you have a specific time for the pickup, or your resident is going to call when they're ready, the pickup feature can handle it. Check out this video overview!


Faster Performance

Using the overhauled passenger picker is much much faster. As soon as you select a passenger, they're added to the trip and TheWorxHub is instantly ready to search for another passenger. This is great for large trips and allows you to add many passengers in no time!


More info When Assigning Driver

When assigning a driver using the driver availability timeline, just click on any existing trip to get more info on that trip. Even initiate a trip merge when possible!


Passenger Counts Added to Assign Vehicle Action

Now when you assign a vehicle to a trip, extra info is provided summarizing the passengers on the trip. Counts of accessible and not accessible passengers are always visible so you can ensure you assign a vehicle with the appropriate capacity or accessibility requirements.



Other Improvements to Transportation App

  • Recurring trips added. Check out this video overview!
  • Ad hoc passenger feature added. Perfect for health care center residents or other passengers not stored in your main resident database. Create trips for anyone, even if they're not stored as residents in TheWorxHub. Even bill trips to ad hoc passengers!
  • Setting added to allow all trips to default for shareable. Ideal for those who are often merging trips.
  • Setting added to ignore drive time when automatically calculating trip start times.
  • Setting added to print resident unit/apartment on schedules and trip detail forms.
  • Automatically add destinations to your favorites list when you're creating trips. Just put a colon between the destination name and street address, like Pinehurst Medical: 123 Fakes St., Springfield, MO
  • Support for Internet Explorer 8 added

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue with Worx IQ Simple Work Order Listing subscription when filtering on only 1 department.
  • Fixed issue with Worx IQ Simple Work Order Listing subscription when grouping by site.
  • Added overhauled Work Order Billing report to Worx IQ.
  • Parent Location filter drill down option added to Billings to Send dashboard indicator.
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