March 24th - New Release Online

Mar 24, 2017

We've rolled out an update at 12:00AM EST on March 24th with some great new features and important fixes..

Press Enter Key to Initiate Search on Search Tabs

TheWorxHub has a versatile search under the Search tab. You can configure many different filters in order to limit your search results to exactly the items you're looking for. It used to be that after setting your filters you'd have to grab your mouse and click the Search Now button -- but now with this new release you can just press your enter key to begin the search.



Tap-to-Call Requestor Phone on Mobile

In our last release we added a new field to the work request form -- Requestor Phone. Now, if a work request has a requestor phone on it, your mobile app will let you call that number with a tap prior to accepting the request for those times where you want to confirm details before adding it to your work queue.



Severity & Due Date Added to Deficiency History Tab

In our last release, we added Severity and Due Date to an inspection deficiency alert. Now this info is also included on your Rounds Dashboard > Deficiency History tab. This data also is included when you export your deficiency history to excel.


Hide Transportation Calendar on Requestor Tab

If you own our add-on Transportation App, your requestors will have a button to initiate a Trip Request. Below this button has always been a link to view the current transportation calendar to ensure they could see availability prior to booking. In some organizations, because of holidays, time off or flexible shifts, this calendar could give requestors the false impression that there was more driver availability than there actually was. We've introduced a new permission under Settings > Users > Transportation called View Transportation Calendar. Uncheck this for roles where you don't want them to see that link.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue with mobile timers started offline that would not stop running after completing the work order.
  • Fixed issue with Work Order Template picker clipping work order detail at 100 characters.
  • Fixed issue where Floorplan dropdown could go missing when adding a new location.
  • Fixed issue with room booking future dated projections not showing in the Recurrence tab.
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