New Update to TheWorxHub!

March 25, 2012

A huge new update went online this weekend with some very important changes!

Important! Sticky Dashboard & Search

The sticky dashboard & search is a new feature that ensures your dashboard remembers where you were last and is extremely important for people who manage multiple departments. These changes apply to the Mobile Worx app as well.

The Dashboard Remembers Where You Were

If your dashboard has several departments such as Maintenance, Housekeeping & IT Services, TheWorxHub remembers which dashboard you were on last and loads that section each time you return to your home page.

For example, let's say you're on your IT Services dashboard viewing the Incomplete indicator. You then click through to open a work order in a tab. When you return to your dashboard TheWorxHub will reload the dashboard with IT Services active, showing the Incomplete section. This is a huge time saver, but might surprise people who are used to it always loading the Pending Requests section.


TheWorxHub only remembers these dashboard settings while you're logged into the program. After you close your browser, the stickiness will be cleared after a few minutes and the next time you open TheWorxHub it will default to Pending Requests within your 'preferred department.'

Search Remembers What Tab You Were On

Similar to the way the dashboard remembers what section you were viewing, the Search portal also remembers which tab you were viewing last. Let's say you click your Search tab, click Locations/Residents, then open a location record and navigate away from the search portal. The next time you click your Search tab, TheWorxHub places you back on the Locations/Residents tab.

Department Memory When Adding New Work Orders

Another important change for people managing multiple departments is that TheWorxHub will remember which department you were viewing when you click your +Add New > Work Order function from the dashboard. For example, if you're looking at your IT Services dashboard when you click +Add New > Work Order, the new work order form that opens will default with the department set to IT Services.

Default Your Preferred Department When You Login

If you manage multiple departments, you can set your preferred department dashboard to load when you first login.

To set your department preference on login:

  • Click your underlined username in the top right.


  • In the Login defaults section on the right, use the pick list to set your preferred department.
  • Click the Save button directly below. 


  • Return to your dashboard.


Performance Boost

This update included a huge performance boost to speed things up throughout TheWorxHub. You'll find opening work order tabs and adding a new work order to be much faster. 

Email Notifications Now Include Location

When using the notify others option in the Work Request, the email notification now displays the location of the work, not just the resident name.

Entry Instructions for IT Services

For those of you using the IT Services department, you now have specific entry instructions fields on the Resident Info tab.

Other Special Resident Notes on Work Order Form

When opening up a new work order, or viewing an existing work order, the "Other Special Resident Notes" will appear on the page. These notes come from the Resident Info panel, but now also appear on the work order form.


New Filters & Columns in Locations/Residents Search

In Search > Locations/Residents you'll now see filters for Oxygen in Use, Help to Exit and Occupied. Use the Oxygen in Use or Help to Exit filters to find all resident locations with oxygen tanks for the fire marshall, as well as all residents needing help to exit in case of emergency. The occupied filter lets you quickly find all vacant or occupied units.


Other Fixes & Minor Updates

  • Fixed issue with move-in date not being retained when moving in a resident via Settings > Location Manager.
  • Fixed issue with move-out not retaining forwarding address in Previous Residents panel.
  • Fixed issue with report favorites not retaining pick list filters when saved and edited.
  • Fixed issue with 'clear search' not correctly clearing filters on Surveys search tab.
  • Fixed issue with Pending requests not sorting by created date in some instances.
  • Resolved error in Settings > Users when copying a role if no current role is highlighted.
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