Important Mobile Notice!

March 27, 2012

At 1:00am Eastern Time March 27th, we will be rolling out a patch to TheWorxHub. This patch will affect mobile. For those of you running mobile and who have been working with data in offline mode, please sync your devices prior to 1:00am Eastern March 27th. 

After 1:00am Eastern on March 27th it is necessary to clear your cache and cookies on your mobile device. This is a one time requirement to support these new changes. For most of you, this can be done when you get to work in the morning. For other who have staff working over night, ensure they can clear their cache and cookies after 1am eastern. 

Click the links below to access instructions for your device type:

iPod, iPhone, iPad




iPod, iPhone, iPad

  • from your homepage, tap Settings


  • Tap Safari


  • Tap Clear Cookies & Clear Cache. In some versions these buttons are combined into one similar function called 'Clear Cookies & Data'


  • Launch TheWorxHub again from your homescreen and login. That's it!

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  • While in your web browser, tap your menu button. See below for two appearances of menu buttons on Android devices



  • on the menu that appears, tap More.


  •  tap settings

Tapsettings -android

  • scroll to the privacy settings area, tap Clear cache and Clear all cookie data

Android -clear -cache

  • now return to your home screen and launch TheWorxHub again. That's it!

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  • Open the browser
  • Press the BlackBerry Menu button
  • Select Options
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu to the Clear Browsing Data section
  • Check Cookies and Cache
  • Tap Clear Now button

Clear -bb -torch

  • Return to your home screen and launch TheWorxHub again and login. That's it!

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