New Update to TheWorxHub

March 3, 2013

Late last night we rolled out an update to add significant speed and improvements to Mobile Worx, plus a few other tweaks to the main app.

Mobile Improvements

This is a significant update which should automatically update on your device the next time you attempt to connect to TheWorxHub. If you encounter any problems logging in, please clear your cache and cookies.

  • We've dramatically decreased the load-times in Mobile Worx when tapping on all work order dashboard indicators. The work order lists will load much much faster now.
  • We've added a warning to notify you if you are offline, at the time of tapping Sync in attempt to download data.


  • To further help indicate your current connection status, Mobile Worx now sports a reddish page header whenever you're working in offline mode. Once you're back online, this will switch back to the regular blue color.


  • When completing work orders in Just My Work area when multiple workers are assigned, the work order will be correctly removed from your list once you complete your portion.
  • In Progress notes are now always saved correctly when clicking the Status panel in the work order, then entering a note under the In Progress status.

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue on Inventory to Reorder dashboard indicator which prevented loading if a preferred supplier was not set for an inventory item needing reorder.
  • Fixed Review Work History link on COI Expiry dashboard to correctly launch the work history for the selected contractor.
  • Resolved PO print issue when special characters (", <>, etc)  were used in the purchase order description.
  • Fixed issue with the template number being prefixed to the work order description when using a scheduled work order template.
  • Added Appointment Start Time to scheduled work order search grid.
  • Fixed error in Settings when over 40 days was used in a Priority Due Date Setting. Now the maximum is 120 days.
  • Fixed issue with Labor Date relative date range filter in WorxIQ Labor Productivity Report.
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