New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

March 4, 2015

This update includes new report updates, a new barcode label type and a number of fixes and improvements.

New Staff/Contractor Report - Work Time Log

This new report is the go-to report for auditing time tracking for staff. Find it under Reports > Staff/Contractor. Drill-down to exactly what staff were timing during any part of their day. Find out who added the time records, whether it was logged from the desktop or mobile and whether or not a job timer was used.

This report includes a unique Time of Day filter, useful for when you want to review what staff were doing during a certain time period on any given day.

For each staff member, work time records are sorted by day, then time of day so it's easy to review exactly what work time was logged throughout the day.


Additional information shows exactly what user added the time log and when.


Account Number Grouping Added to Work Order Billing Report

By popular request, we've added the resident account number as a grouping option on the Work Order Billing report. This allows you to group all billable items by resident account, even if they've moved from unit to unit, all of their billable items will be grouped together.


New Barcoding Label Type

A brand new barcode label type is now available for those running our add-on Barcoding app. This label is a common address label type often sold under the Avery Label 5520 template, but is also available under the following Avery label templates:


Label 5520

Fixes & Improvements

  • For those running the add-on QA & Surveys app, we've added the capability to link surveys to completed work orders.
  • Enhanced work order log panel to log changes to work order due date.
  • Fixed issue in Work Order > Cost/Time Analysis report pie chart where 'other' category was not displaying correctly.
  • Asset Tag field added to asset form on Mobile.
  • Updated Worx IQ widgets to resolve issue with % Done on Time measure showing as 100% when no work orders were reported.
  • Added performance improvement to the mobile offline sync process.
  • Improved handling of special characters like <, %,$, > during the mobile offline sync process.
  • Fixed issue in Internet Explorer where the clear filters link in reports would not clear all filter selections.
  • Fixed multiple issues in mobile when going offline then assigning staff and using timers while offline.
  • Fixed error in mobile when using Find Anything while offline.
  • Fixed issue in add-on Transportation app where the printed icon was not being persisted on the dashboard after refreshing the page.
  • Fixed issue with add-on QA & Surveys app where some users encountered errors clicking survey links that were automatically emailed out after a work order is completed.
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