March 9th - New Release Online

Mar 9, 2017

We've rolled out an update at 12:00AM EST on March 9th with some great new features and important fixes..

Nightly Scheduled Work Order Generation

Since our move to our new data center we've been experiencing on-going performance issues with our nightly scheduled work order generation service for our USA Senior Living customers. This update includes a number of significant performance improvements which we hope will resolve the issue with some recurring work orders not being generated on time. To get notifications to the status of this issue, you can subscribe to updates here.

Requestor Phone Added to Requestor Form

On your work request form in the main app and mobile, you'll see a new Requestor Phone field to allow your requestors to explicity specify contact info. By default, this will show the phone number (if available) from the logged in user's staff profile. It can be over-written by the requestor to provide new contact info.


This phone number also prints on the work order form printout next to the requestor name.


Configure How Far In Advance Room Booking Setup Tasks Appear on Your Dashboard

Let's say you're booking the auditorium for a New Year's Party, which is many months from now. That room booking includes setup tasks for both maintenance and housekeeping. Previously, for these one-off future dated bookings, those setup tasks would appear on your maintenance or housekeeping dashboard immediately -- far too early --  creating unnecessary noise on already busy dashboards.

We've introduced a new setting under Settings > Misc > Room Bookings that lets you configure how many days in advance the work orders will appear. It defaults to 7 days and you can change it to whatever you'd like.


When you're inside your room booking Setup/Tear Down tab these future dated tasks will show a purple colored status of Future Dated. If you want to force them to generate now, just click the Generate Now mouse-over action.


Deficiency Alerts From Inspections Now With Severity, Due Date and Assigned To

If you're using our add-on Survey/Inspection app and using the Alert functionality, you can now specify a Severity on the alert which can automatically set the Due Date based on Alert Severity Settings. We also had many requests to add a Currently Assigned To concept that was separate from Responsible Party -- you'll now see that in the app as well.


This is also visible in the mobile app.


Here's how to set up the Alert Severity Settings

First, go to Settings > Pick Lists > Alert Severity to specify what severities to use. We recommend keeping it simple with High/Medium/Low. If you don't like our defaults, you can mark them 'not visible' and add your own. You'll need to click Save on this pick list to activate things. 


Next, go to Settings > Misc > Alerts and review, update and save the Alert Severity Settings. This setting will automatically help to set the alert due date based on the severity assigned.


That's it, you're now ready to go!

Your rounds dashboard will also display and provide grouping options for the new severity and assigned to data.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Added support for QR code scanning using Pic2Shop Free version with barcoding app.
  • Added ability to reset next work order number in Settings > Work Order. A great option if you're migrating from an existing work order numbering system, or wish to preface work order numbers with the year.
  • Improved the Asset PM Forecast report to more clearly indicate recurring work that falls outside of the reported timeframe.
  • Improved mobile Survey form to add a Save/Complete button in the fixed header so you no longer need to scroll all the way down on lengthy surveys to find the Save Where I'm At button.
  • Improved performance of the Pick Template option in a work order/scheduled work order form.
  • Improved trip merge functionality in Transportation app to carry over special notes on merged trips.
  • Fixed error for some customers when using the Pick Template option on mobile.
  • Fixed issue in room booking calendar when you'd drag an event to reschedule it and all email subscribers would be lost.
  • Fixed errors on mobile when creating an adhoc request from a failed survey inspection question.
  • Expanded field cell for COI Expiry on contractor form so it was easier to read the date.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to edit task list items in work order templates inside WorxIQ.
  • Fixed issue with Bill Date relative date range filter on Work Order Billing report.
  • Improved room booking app Recurrence tab to clearly show upcoming instances and include an expandable panel for previous instances.
  • Fixed issue in Keys panel in the Location form to allow save functionality when the Returned checkbox is checked.
  • Fixed issue with using Pick Template option when setting up project template work orders.
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