New Features & Fixes in TheWorxHub

May 11, 2014

We just rolled out a great new update to TheWorxHub which contains some new features, improvements and bug fixes.


There have been a few changes to assigning labor to work orders that are important to note:

1. The list of available staff and contractors is limited to the department of a work order. Each staff or contractor record in TheWorxHub is linked to one or many departments. When assigning a work order, the list of staff/contractors will only show those who are linked to the same department that the work order is for. If you do not see a staff member on your Assign Labor list and you used to before, update which departments they're linked to by going to Search > Staff/Contractors and selecting departments in the Department field. 

2. Contractors not assigned to a role will not show on your Assign Labor list.  When adding a contractor into TheWorxHub to whom you wish to assign work, it's important to give them a role called 'Contractor (Windmill)'. This will ensure they can be assigned to a work order. Previously even contractors with a role of 'None' would still appear on your Assign Labor list. All of your existing contractors will not need to be updated, just keep this in mind when you're adding new contractors.

Here's a list of other great improvements:

Add Request for Any Department on Mobile

For customers using our Mobile Worx app, any user with access to add a request can now add a request to any department from their smartphone or tablet.


View More Staff in Add Labor Window

When using the Add Labor window, you can change the number of records to view and TheWorxHub will remember this setting for the entire time you're logged in. Simply change the Show 10 Entries to another option and the system remembers this setting for your session.



New Batch Assessment for Capital Planning

For customers who own our Capital Planning app for forecasting capital asset replacements, we've got a great new time saving feature for assessing the age and condition of assets. Often you have many identical assets for which your condition assessment appllies.  Now you can inspect a subset of assets and apply an age and condition assessment across all identical assets -- a batch assessment

With this action you can select all identical or similar assets, insert your assessment and apply it to all selected assets.

To activate the batch assessment feature you must first update your security role with two permissions:

  1. General > Actions Tab: This provides access to a new tab in TheWorxHub for Actions. The Actions tab has a magic wand icon so you know you want this!
  2. Assets > Can Add Batch Assessments: This gives access to a subtab in actions called Batch Assessments.



Edit Survey Template Name

For customers who own our QA & Surveys app you can now update your survey name for any existing survey. Go to Settings > Surveys and click on the hyperlinked survey name to edit.



Double-Book Drivers in Transportation App

For customers who own our Transportation app we've rolled out a much requested feature -- the ability to double-book drivers. Previously the Transportation app would prevent you from double-booking drivers to ensure your schedules were achievable given your resources. Now TheWorxHub will warn you that you're about to book overlapping trips, but you have the ability to go ahead and book it anyway.



Assign a Driver on Mobile

For customers who own our Transportation app and Mobile Worx, you can now assign or change a driver on any trip. Tap on the Trip and then tap the Assign Someone section to pick a driver.



Fixes & Improvements

  • Huge speed boost in load times for a purchase order form.
  • Updated Assign Labor list to only show staff members who work in the department of the work order you're working on. For example, only maintenance staff appear when trying to assign a worker to a maintenance work order.
  • Fixed issue with completion time for work orders completed on Mobile Worx.
  • Fixed issue with new work orders not appearing immediately on the Projects tab after adding a new work order to a project.
  • Fixed issue in Projects tab when changing the due date on a work order several times in a row would cause duplicate work orders to appear temporarily.
  • Removed page reload caused when clicking cancel on a work order pop-up from search.
  • Fixed issue when using the location picker in a work order that was added via a double-click on the calendar.
  • Fixed issue with appointment time being set to 8pm for work orders added via a double-click on the calendar.
  • Fixed dashboard display issue in transportation with residents with double-quotes in their names.
  • Fixed issue with using the batch assign function inside the Projects tab.
  • Department column added to worker filter in search and reports. This allows you to limit your list of workers to a department by typing the department name in the search field.
  • New work orders default to a department, rather than defaulting to [Select] and requiring you to pick a department.
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