New Improvements to TheWorxHub

May 12, 2016

This update adds a couple new features and a number of fixes and enhancements.

Print Asset Detail from Fixed Asset Form

Right from your fixed asset form you can quickly print all detail about that asset onto a single form. Just click the print button on your asset General Info panel



The printed form includes all nameplate info, as well as any safety notes linked, inventory parts linked, reminders such as warranty expiry, linked meters and even an barcode if you own our add-on barcoding app.



Fixes & Improvements

  • Room booking form Requestor Name is now required. TheWorxHub will prompt you to input a requestor name before you save. This also fixes an error some people were seeing on their Room Bookings > 7-Day Outlook dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where using a template with a task list to create a work order, if you edited the task list before saving it would somehow manage to apply those same edits back to the original template.
  • Fixed issue where the Resident Info tab would appear on a non-resident location form.
  • Added ability to print a work order template that does not have a location.
  • Fixed issue on inventory form where the Last Ordered date was incorrect in some cases.
  • Fixed error in work request form if you added yourself to the notification list when you were already subscribed.
  • Added capability to add further notifications to a work request that has been saved but is still at a Pending status.
  • Fixed issue on mobile where Last 5 Work Orders panel wasn't loading for some clients.
  • Fixed issue for some clients where the trip category didn't appear to save on the Trip form.
  • Added wheelchair icon to Transportation > Trip Schedule dashboard when a resident requiring and accessible vehicle is assigned to a trip.
  • Fixed issue in mobile offline where some data wouldn't appear after synching to go offline.
  • Under Dashboard > Reminders > Open Surveys/Inspections, the batch print now renders correctly.
  • Added loading animation to Pick Template link to prevent double-clicking.
  • Auto-generated survey/inspections will now take your back to Step 2 in order to pick a staff member before completing the survey/inspection.
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